Our Knowledge pages are an attempt to capture, maintain and share the accumulated knowledge of our members across the broad category of Chess.
We encourage all our members to add to our store of shared knowledge.  To learn more about how you can join in this effort, please visit the Volunteer page for more details and while there, examine some of the other ways you can contribute to the club.  Remember, the club is made up entirely of volunteers and all our shared knowledge is due to what our members have contributed.

Articles and Stories

New ! Link 2019-01   Physically preparing for a Weekend Tournament by Mark Kaprielian
  Link 2014-10   MCC Players at the Millionaire Open - October 9 - 13, 2014, Las Vegas, NV.
Link 2003-01   The Playing TD by Mark Kaprielian, Published in Chess Horizons
  Link   2003-10   MetroWest Chess Club - A Second Golden Age, published in Chess Life Magazine
  Link   Report - Glorious Successes and Dismal Failures
  Link   Reports - The World Open
  Link   The US Amateur Team
  Link   2001-08   An original, fictional chess story by Howard Goldowsky, published in Chess Horizons Magazine
      A list of Fictional books with chess themes. 

Computer Chess Programs

  Link About Chess Base and Fritz
  Link Programs being used by Club Members
  Link Review - TASC Chess Tutor
  Link A site at which you will find general software reviews:  The Chess Widower's Home Page  

DGT boards

  Link   DGT boards and related topics

Digital Clocks

  Link   All about Digital Clocks

ECO Codes

Link   Link to offsite info about ECO Codes
Link   Link to offsite info about Annotation Codes
Link   ECO Codes (Franz Hemmer)
Link   ECO Codes (ICC)



Chess Guide for Amateurs in the Boston Area

  Link   Go to our FAQ page:  Reading Crosstables, Books to get started with, Chess on the Net, Software...


  PDF   Chess Board position card - Master for taking to a printer
  PDF   Chess Board position card - six to a sheet for printing your own

Non-Chess Related but Useful Information

New ! Link   Help for Selecting a new Digital camera
  Link   Backing up your Databases
  Link Using Date Stamps to track versions
  Link   About PGP Encryption, how to get started, Members Keys
  Link   General Software Recommendations by Mark Kaprielian
  Link   Putting up your First Web Site
  Link   Where to get Board number holders (Table Tents) like the MCC has
  PDF   Getting connected Online when at the club


Link   Top Down versus Look Ahead, effect of rounds, Accelerated ...


Link   Types of Ratings, Mysterious things, Calculating ....


  Link   Books
  Link   Videos
Link   Site of our online consensus tool, Evite


  Link   Books and Equipment
  Link   Official Merchandise

Some Useful Links from this page

Link   Take me to the MCC Links Collection
Link   Where to get Adobe Acrobat Reader   (on Adobe Site)
  Link   Create PDFs for Free.  PDF995 by Software995.  Anything you can print can be made into a PDF file.


  Link   Study Process
  Link   Teachers and Coaches (on the Maca Site)
  PDF   Outline for a 20-minute basic chess course.

TDs (Tournament Directors)

  items   Various items for the club TDs


  Link   Topic discussions that have been archived for reference

USCF and Other Data files

Link   Data Files


Link   Documentation, Photo Organization, Statistics, Ranking, Sitemap