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  2020-04-09 PDF Fritz 17 manual
  2012-12-12 PDF Choosing between Fritz and ChessBase
    PDF ChessBase 8 Tips
  2014-07-15 PDF ChessBase 12 Tips

Class Materials

  2013-01-29 PDF Using the Openings Book to study your own Repertoire
2013-01-29 PDF Shortcuts for CB 12

Older Articles mostly about Older versions of the Programs

1999-08-13   How to send or receive a ChessBase game by email.

The Analysis window key


Printing Diagrams

1999-10-29   How to Download CBLite
1998-11-11   CBLite FAQ

A CB user's process who doesn't take coaching or like to look at books.

  1998-06-16   V7 Upgrade Costs

Tips from ChessBase

Link The best place for tips is on the ChessBase USA site.   The tips and advice section is call   T-Notes.  
Some very useful articles in the T-Notes archive are listed below


June 2nd, 2002  GUIs and engines -- not the same thing!
April 14th, 2002  Multi-diagram printouts in ChessBase 8
April 7th, 2002  Creating training questions in ChessBase 8
March 10th, 2002  Optimizing a chess engine's strength
February 24th, 2002  Setting hash tables
November 11th, 2001  Copying games in ChessBase 8
November 4th, 2001  The use of databases -- Part Three
October 28th, 2001  The use of databases -- Part Two
October 21st, 2001  The use of databases
October 14th, 2001  Folded game notation in ChessBase 8
September 9th, 2001  Three ChessBase 8 database displays
July 8th, 2001  Creating database texts in ChessBase 8 -- Part 3
July 1st, 2001  Creating database texts in ChessBase 8 -- Part 2
June 24th, 2001  Creating database texts in ChessBase 8 -- Part 1
April 29th, 2001  Making database backups
December 17th, 2000  Miscellany
December 10th, 2000 Using ChessBase 8 to find sacrifices
November 5th, 2000  Two new ChessBase 8 features
October 29th, 2000  Installing ChessBase 8


August 4th, 2002  Forcing Fritz7 into an opening -- Part Two
December 16th, 2001  Fritz7's Analysis Board
July 28th, 2002  Forcing Fritz7 into an opening -- Part One
June 10th, 2001  Creating opening keys in Fritz6
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