Getting started with TD Training at the MCC

    Registration Desk Training

Used at Registration

  PDF Advance Bye Requests - 6 rounds
  PDF Advance Bye Requests - Non-Revocable
  PDF 2009-01 - Advance Bye Requests Phone Log
  PDF Player Information Card
  PDF 2008-11 Player Registration Card, 4-up - narrow
  PDF Draft of Registration Process       Zip file
  PDF How to Read the Pairing Card Labels - 2005-08 Source Files in PSP9 for the Pairing Card explanation PDF
    Paring Card Labels are   Avery 5167, 5667, 6467  with layout 5267,   80 labels per sheet, 1/2"x1-3/4"


  PDF Brother Pocket Jet 6 printer Reference Card
  Link Optomo ML500 projector manuals

Phone Related

  PDF Voice Mail All features at a Glance
  PDF Voice Mail Quick Reference Guide (Wallet Size)
  PDF Main Phone Message

USCF related

  PDF 2008-04 USCF TD Area FAQ
  PDF USCF Rule Book as of 2023-07-09


  Link Club Policy on Computer Pairings
  Link Half Point Bye Availability Matrix - 2003-10
  Link Signs and Forms useful for organizing and running a tournament

Note: the documents below have not been revised for some time and thus while there is a lot of useful information still contained within them, much of the process is out of date. 

  Link Pool of possible TDs at the club
  Link TD Check List  for Game Night
  Link TD Computer Paring Process
  Link TD Application Form
  Link Swiss-Sys versus WinTD
  Link Submitting Tournament Reports to the USCF
  Link Swiss-Sys versus WinTD by Alan Hodge