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USCF Related

  2012-04 USCF Rating Supplement - For updating your own USCF Database
  2012-04 USCF Rating Supplement - As a PDF.  This is a PDF of the paper version
  2012-04 USCF Database mostly updated by monthly updates but occasionally replaced by Golden Database
  2012-04 USCF Golden Database - From the USCF
  2012-04 USCF Access Tables for use with Maca Databases
Link   Broken, use as base address and correct it

Organizer Related

Link 2001-01 Helpful TD Forms -
Link 2001-01 Signs for use by event organizers

Research Related

MCC Event Data

Link 2007-12 In Access 2003


Link 2006-07 All TWIC Merged 210 through 596   (<210 not available !)