PGP Encryption


About this page

    This page is provided to let our members easily find other members PGP keys and to provide some information about getting started with PGP encryption.


  PDF An introduction to how PGP works
  PDF Getting Started with PGP
  PDF Installing PGP

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  Link Protecting your Privacy and Security

Our Key Collection

    The collection of PGP Keys found on this page is centered around MCC members but may also contain the keys of those that comprise one or two "degree's of separation" from MCC members.
    If you Select Open instead of Save when you click on the link, relatively modern versions of PGP will cause a dialog to open offering to add it to your key ring.  If you are reluctant to open a file over the web, verify for yourself that the extension on the linked file is .asc which means it is ASCII text and not an executable.
    To import the a key click on a link below.  The link will cause the key to display as text in your browser window.   Select all the text on the page, do a copy ( ctl-c) and then when viewing the Keys in PGP, right click in the Keys window and select paste.
  Link Ken Ballou   Jim Jaillet Link Matt Phelps
  John Bottini Link Mark Kaprielian Link Harvey Reed
  Link Harvey Brandt Link Venkat Krishnamurthy Link Tiffany Wang
  Link Steve Eddins Link Joe Murphy Link Adam Weiss
          Link John Ziniti