Board Numbers and

Table Tents


What this Page Describes

The MCC has ordered a number of different "Table Tents" or plastic holders for signs.  This page describes the details of ordering the table tents that are used for Board Numbers starting 2003 and in use as of at least 2005

Where did the MCC order its Table Tents

  There are any number of companies that will sell pre made or custom table tents.  We selected Innovative Plastics based on Pricing and their willingness to make any size we desired with no additional charge due to being an unusual size.
   Innovative Plastics, Inc.
 714-891-8800 phone
 714-890-5557 fax

What are the specifications of the MCC table tents

  • Double sided table tent
  • One side holds a 3" wide by 3" tall piece of paper
  • One piece of paper creased I the middle would be 3" wide by 6" tall and fill both sides

Cautions about specifying sizes

  Don't be complacent with the use of the word "tall".  This can easily, and has been misinterpreted between parties.  To prevent confusion or mistakes, especially when dealing with double sided tents, you should specify both what the dimensions of one side is as well as the size of paper that would fit into the tent covering both sides.  In the MCC specifications you can see these two items specified.

Other Considerations

  • Shape - By getting the V shape such as the MCC has, you can stack them on top of each other.  Stacked this way they can be pretty slippery. when handling them.  Other shapes will likely not pack as tightly.

  • Storage and transport - When selecting the size of your tents, real consideration should be given to storage and transport.  The tents may individually be small but when grouped together for transport, they may require a fairly large container.

  • Table Space - 3 x 3 for one facing side was selected to be minimally intrusive taking up space between boards.  We did no want them so high that they would obstruct view and having them wide just takes up space

  • Heavy stock paper is recommended as it is difficult to insert numbers due to the amount of clamping the plastic does.  We had the board number pieces printed onto one sheet and had the printer cut them.  Saves a great deal of time and effort.

  • If you are just putting board numbers in the tents then you have a simple artwork.  You may find that making your logo or other information fit along with making the numbers clearly visible, will impact the dimensions of the tent.  You should settle on and prototype your artwork to exact scale before you order your tents.