Metrowest Chess Club, Framingham, Massachusetts

Club Documentation

Listed below you'll find a wealth of useful documentation relating to playing at the MetroWest Chess Club. You'll also find a variety of documents for those interested in helping the club in other ways. We're always looking for volunteers of one kind or another, so please read the relevant documents if you'd be interested in helping out.

There's a lot to read! However, if you're new to chess, or new to playing "over the board" in a tournament or club setting, we encourage you to read the related material. Even seasoned chess players and club members will find much of the documentation useful.

For people new to playing at a chess club and Parents of Young players: General questions we are often asked: Digital Chess Clocks:

For the inexperienced, setting up a chess clock the first few times can be a bit tricky. However, we now have a variety of documents to assist you in setting up the MCC time controls for the most common chess clocks.

All Players at our club should read these: USCF Related:

The USCF provides the most common sections of the Rulebook on their site.  The USCF site often changes locations of documents and may be unavailable when needed.  For this reason we are placing a copy on our site for quickly locating the rules when needed.  We will periodically update our copy to match the most current on the USCF site.

For Volunteering and Other Activities:

Hopefully you find the material listed on this page helpful; we are frequently working on new documents, and updating others. However, if your query doesn't appear to be addressed in any of our documentation then please feel free to ask a tournament director or other club members.