Metrowest Chess Club, Framingham, Massachusetts

MCC Club History

Historic news article
Published March 8, 1988
The MetroWest Chess Club's history precedes its incarnation as MCC by a number of years, with its origins in The Square 67 Chess Club and subsequently Framingham Chess Club. However, MCC now has a decades-long history in its own right, much of which we're fortunate to have documented.

Listed below you can discover archival material relating to every era of our history, including newspaper articles and photographs, club newsletters, club reports, tournament flyers, and much else.

More than twenty years of MCC newsletters, dating from 2002 until the present day, await your perusal! MCC People and Statistics
Careful collation of club data over the years has allowed us to maintain useful statistics about club attendance and demographics. A range of regional club data is available too. The remaining topics in our archives are listed in alphabetical order, by their subject matter:

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Historic news article
The Middlesex News, October 1, 1984
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