The club was established in 1983.  With over 30 years of data available and a number of milestone events along the way, it is helpful to establish some terminology to make discussion of the history more manageable
    "All Years" From the clubs inception in 1983 to the present
    "Early years” or “Pre-Modern" Characterized as being the year’s most strongly influenced by the guidance of Warren Pinches and his legacy till about 1994
    “Transitional” Characterized as starting with the 1st move of the clubs location in 1995 and ending around the time of the 2nd move to its location in Natick in 1996
    “Modern” This represents the Modern Era years where our average fist went above 80 players, 2003.
    “Modern 80” This represents the Modern Era years where our average went to 80 players and we fixed our sections at Open, U2000, U1700, U1400. This starts in July of 2009
  To allow the club to build a collective memory that spans back through time we regularly document topic discussions and archive them on the web site. We view and treat the web site as our organizational memory.
Our master collection of topics is located on the web site in the area associated with how the club is Governed. On this Demographics page links to some of those topics may be provided when it closely related to the reports or graphs that appear here.

Collection of Attendance, Attributes and Distributions

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  PDF Player Attributes
  PDF Player Rating Pool
  PDF Section Distribution of Players
  PDF Section Playing Up


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  PDF 2015 - Rating Change per player per Event
  PDF 2016 - Rating Change per player per Event    (no data until after January 2016 event has completed)
  PDF Event Attendance
  PDF Event Winners - by Event
  PDF Event Winners - by number of Events Won ( Who's won the most ! )
  PDF Event Winners - Stanley Crowe Achievement (14 or more event wins)

Participation and Player Activity

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  PDF Topic - 2014-07 - Player Distribution Analysis