Submitting USCF Tournament Report


General Reminders about Submitting the USCF Tournament Report

  Check the USCF Members area to look for any missing USCF ID numbers. Be sure to check for eliminate any MCC fake ID numbers if present. MCC fake ID numbers are placeholders in the club database that are sometime entered into the SS file. They begin with M.
  Confirm if any player who does not have a USCF number has had their membership sent into the USCF yet or not.
    For any that have been sent in, circle their names on the Wall chart print out that will be created for submittal and connect the circles together and point them to a note saying, "membership already submitted" or some other indication that serves the same purpose.
    For any that have yet to be submitted, obtain the information to be submitted and make sure that the total payment for the Report includes the membership fees.
  Any option encountered in either SS or on the report that says send report to the TD or affiliate, say or indicate no
  Obtain the MCC Email request form from the club site and fill it out. This form must be included with the report to get the results sent by email



  On the report where it asks for $2 for the crossable, write on the report $3 for Email and fill in the $3 on the fee line.
  Be sure to observe in SS all the screens when making the USCF report so that you can write down the total games and total players on the report
  Be sure to have a blank floppy in your drive before you start the USCF report in SS. Label the floppy with
MetroWest CC
A600924 ( you need this number for the report, it is our Affiliate ID number)
End date 2004-xx-xx
  You will need to send a copy of the wall chart for all sections
  Be sure to send the update SS files to the webmaster for archiving
  Request re-imbursement for the report and membership fees from the Treasurer