1. Basic Setup
    1. Unlock the closet so people can get boards and clocks.
    2. Get the two set-up carry boxes out of the closet and set up the computer and put out materials for the players.
      1. In the TD carry Box
        1. In the 8.5 by 11 plastic box titled "Current Materials" you should find.
          1. Disk with the event files backed up on it.
          2. Advance Bye Sheets for the current event
          3. Stickers for making manual pairing cards
          4. Pairing cards with Stickers (new ones prepared for night of 1st round)
          5. Blank pairing cards
          6. Money envelope
          7. 3x5 yellow sticky pads
          8. Pens
          9. Printer Paper
          10. Event Flyer
        2. TDs Binder
          1. Copies of the Advance Round Byes sheet
          2. Club Roster
          3. Summary Sheets and Instructions
          4. Club Promo Material
          5. Crosstables (Manual Pairing only)
          6. Pairing sheets (Manual Pairing only)
        3. TDs Notebook Used for jotting notes, entries, fines, etc.
        4. USCF Rule Book
        5. Materials to be put out for the membership
          1. Change dispenser
          2. Score Sheets, regular and carbons for top boards
          3. Pens
          4. Flyers and other handouts
          5. Board Numbers
      2. In the Computer carry box
        1. Notebook computer with power cable
        2. Printer with power cord and cable
        3. Mouse
        4. Multi socket extension cord
    3. Arrange the tables and chairs in the main room if necessary. Excess chairs should be stacked to make room for players to sit comfortably.
    4. Make sure that a few tables are set up in the skittles room.
  2. First night of a new tournament
    1. Be sure the following materials will have been prepared and are present at the club at the beginning of the night.
      1. Lables for the Pairing cards
      2. Pairing cards
      3. Lables for the Pairing cards
      4. Lables for the Cross table
      5. Blank Cross tables for each section
      6. Blank Pairing sheets to post pairings
      7. Applications for USCF membership
      8. Copies of the Rating supplements going back several years
      9. Sufficient variety of cash denominations to make change based on the entry fees.
    2. Write down how much cash is on hand.
    3. Determine the total number of boards for the tournament and place the board numbers out on the tables. Place the numbers such as to try to give the highest boards in the tournament the most room at the tables.
  3. Pair and supervise the tournament.
    1. Refer to other documents for various pairing procedures.
  4. Checklist for Closing the Facility.
    1. Club possesions
      1. Backup the event files onto the backup disk.
      2. Restore the two set up carry boxes to their original state..
      3. Check rooms for boards, pieces and clocks and put back into closet.
      4. Check for any member possessions left about.
      5. Lock the closet.
    2. Facility
      1. Clean up tables for any trash and put into trash containers. We do not have to deal with trash containers.
      2. Check for any open windows and secure if open.
      3. Arrange chairs and tables back into an orderly fashion. They do not have to be unstacked but the room most appear neat and orderly.
      4. Check the back door to make sure that it is locked and the door is closed sufficiently to be latched
      5. Make sure the light outside the back door is on. The switch for the light is across from the door on the wall. It is the rightmost switch. Note that every time the light is switched on it will take about 3 minutes before it will fully illuminate.
      6. Close the lights in the Mens and Ladys room.
      7. Shut the lights in the hallways.
      8. Shut the lights in any rooms.
      9. Turn off any fans, restore temperature settings if they were changed.
      10. Check the coffee pot burners to make sure they are off.
      11. Clean the coffee pot area should it need it.
      12. Lock the front door.