Some information about the batteries from one clock owner

  The following applies to a Chronos clock purchased around the year 2000 and may not apply to your particular model, especially if it is the "short" clock.
    As the batteries get low the LCD digits are not as dark and the red lights on the top are less easy to tell which is on.
    In My experience the LCD digits can get very faded an still the clock will work.  The manual says it may malfunction when the batteries are running low
    The clock requires 3  AA batteries
    The programming of your clock will be preserved even though you replace the batteries.  It is not clear how long the batteries can be out or dead and still preserve your programming.
    The manual says that the batteries will last about 600 hours.  It notes that even though the clock is off it is using battery power.  They suggest that the batteries will need to be replaced every year and a half or so.
    It has been just short of five years since I had to replace the batteries.  In that time I have played about 460 rated games probably averaging about 4 hours in length.  Some number of those were not using my clock but probably most were.


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