How to send or receive a ChessBase game by email.

by Mark Kaprielian

Any database you see in ChessBase or the Fritz database window, is really a collection of files.  Each database is really a collection of files on your computer.   To send or receive a copy of a database, you would have to send each and every file associated with the database. This would be a bit of work and very prone to error.

The makers of ChessBase have made the process easy for you.  They have created the ability to "archive" a database for easy shipment.  For those familiar with "zip" files, what they have done is essentially created an automatic zip and unzip function for you.

To create an archive file, go to the Technical pull down in ChessBase called Create Archive. This takes whatever database icon you have selected and gathers up all the files that make up the database and "magically" copys (not moves) them all into a single file that ends in .CBV. The file with the .CBV extension is what you are to send via email.

The person receiving the .CBV file merely has to open it from within CB (this means you are running CB and go to the Open command) and "magically" all the files in it are taken out and the .CBV disappears.