How to Download CB Lite

As of 1-3-99
(revised 10-29-99 to 
account for new Chessbase site)

The following instructions are written for someone who has very little experience using their PC, in particular, regarding how to do a download.


  1. These instructions are written assuming the following:
      1. You are using Netscape for your browser
      2. You have Win95 as your operating system
      3. You are connected to the internet with your browser running
  2. The Process
      1. Go to
      2. (NEW) Click on the Support link (left frame), then the Downloads link (main page).
      3. Find the link for ChessBase Lite and click on it.
      4. On the page that takes you to, scroll down and find the link for Registration and Download.
      5. Fill in the information and click OK proceed.
      6. Choose option A by clicking on the CBLight.exe, 2.8MB link You may now get a box titled Unknown File type that says You have started to download a file of type application/exe This is perfectly fine. It is saying that Netscape (your web browser), if you have Netscape, isn't sure what to do with the program.
      7. Select the Save File button
      8. You should now get a window box titled Save As...
      9. At the top is should say Save in: and then have a file folder with a name. Notice that there is a down arrow at the right of this space. This means itís a "pull down" box.
      10. Click on the down arrow and you should see folders within folders displayed.
      11. Click on the top most thing shown which is a picture used to represent your hard drive. This has just selected the top level of your hard drive.
      12. Further to the right from where you had picked the down arrow of the pull down, should be several other buttons. Most likely a yellow folder with an up arrow and hopefully a little yellow folder with a little sparkle. Move the mouse over the little yellow folder with the sparkle and wait.
      13. You should see the words Create New Folder appear. Now click to create a new folder.
      14. If you look in the window below, you should see the words New Folder highlighted in blue.
      15. Now type Downloads to give the folder a name that you will remember.
      16. Now double click on the Downloads folder.
      17. Now hit the save button on the bottom of the window.

You have now told Netscape where to put the file it is going to download where to go.

It is now downloading. You will have to wait for it to finish before you can do any more

You can use your computer to do other things while you are downloading but you must be sure it has finished downloading.

At this point, you are ready to install CBLite.