Printing Diagrams

In these tips, I refer to Cliptracker which is a clipboard handling program. If you do not have such a program, you can paste (control V) directly into either a word processing program or a graphics editing program, depending on the operation you want to complete.
The font this example uses is called Linares.
As of this date, these instructions apply to both CBLite and CB7.
Summary of What Is covered
You can get a diagram into MS Word using Linares
You can make CB Lite print in Linares.
You can NOT (yet) make a bit map image in anything else but the CB diagram font.
You can NOT make the diagram in the notation window use the Linares fonts
Basic technique to grab a diagram you are viewing in a game and save it.
1 Open a game.
2 Go to a position that you want a diagram of
3 Pull down the Printing menu, select Diagram ->Clipboard
4 In Cliptracker, save the most recent thing added to the clipboard as a .bmp 
Note: If I did a Control V of the clipboard into MS word, I get the character representation.
Note: If I do a Control V of the clipboard into my graphic editing program, I get the image
Note: It all depends on what you paste into. Clip tracker lets you save specifically as a graphic file so you don't need any other programs if you choose to use it.
If you now install a font with the help of Windows Help, be sure to exit CB because the fonts will not show up in the programs selections until you exit and restart the program.
Setting up to use a specific font in your diagrams.
1 Go to Printing - Page Set up - Diagrams
2 Check the True Type box.
3 Click the TT Options button
4 Click the Font button
5 Select LinaresDiagramCBWIN then do Ok
6 Pick Chess Base Standard from the pull down then Ok out of everything.
Note: If you print a game that has a diagram in it, (do a ctl a to open the annotation window then do a ctl d to paste in a little square that causes a diagram to be printed there), it will come out with the linares font.
Note: If you do a diagram to clipboard as described before and paste into Word, you get the charactor representation. If you now change the font to LinaresDiagramCBWIN, you will get the diagram. It looks bad on screen but prints out fine.