News Papers



In the early years of the club, that being the 1980s, Newspapers were the primary means of finding out about chess if you were not a chess player, if there was anything to find out at all.  This region had always been fortunate to have one and sometimes two papers that carried a chess column.

Archive Listing

  PDF 2006-08 Article about Jessica Wamala
  PDF 2004-10 Interview of President Mark Kaprielian in the MetroWest News
PDF   Fitchburg Match
PDF 1985 NE Women's
PDF 1983 Opening Night of the Club
  PDF 1983 Overview - Dondis
  PDF 1984 Overview - Dondis
  PDF 1983 Overview - Lester
  PDF 1984 Overview - Middlesex  News
  PDF 1987 Overview - Dondis
PDF 1988 Overview - Middlesex  News
  PDF   Tal Simul - Bobby Seltzer Coverage
  PDF   Tal Simul - by Larry Eldridge
  PDF 1988-03-08 Tal Simul - by Tom Zuppa
PDF   Spassky Coverage
  PDF   10th Anniversary
  PDF 2001-08 Summer Scholastics Program