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The purpose of this page is to showcase the contributions of MetroWest CC members to competitive chess, chess philosophy, and just plain old chess fun! Each contributing MetroWest CC member has a page, and adds to it from time to time. These pages serve as a running record for the existing community, and gives prospective members a feel for what the chess playing environment at MetroWest CC is like. Many thanks to Ilya Krasik, Kate Gasser, Mark La Rocca, Mark Kaprielian, Derek Slater, Ken Ballou, and James Krycka for the initial impetus to start this.
  You can get involved by sending contributions to Games AT -- When you submit your first contribution, please include a short chess bio, so people can get to know you. Also, please make it clear if you are contributing a complete game for the Game Archive, AND/OR an annotated game or essay for your Member Contribution Page (must be a member!).
  We of course reserve the right to keep contributions "on topic" to chess related topics, with high standards for sportsmanship and language.

Harvey Reed
Marketing Director
August 2005






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