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     I started playing in Kentucky in 1980 mostly at the insistence of a fellow eighth-grade student named David Ruffalo. I turned out to be better at chess but then again he had a PhD by the time I got my undergraduate degree, so I don't think the chess thing troubled him much.
David organized a middle-school championship tournament. I prepared by practicing every day against my brother's interminably slow Fidelity Chess Challenger 7. By whatever fluke of luck I won the tournament, which had two results: I was hooked, and it brought me to the attention of a kid named Brett Moore, who demanded that I join the high school chess team the following year. Played my first rated tournament in 1982 and emerged with a fine rating of 943.
Went to the University of North Carolina and achieved expert rating; won the Kentucky state championship in the summer of 1987. Moved to Framingham in 1990 and have been attending MetroWest CC (original name was Framingham CC) erratically ever since. Generally clinging to expert status by the skin of my teeth these days, but it's kind of like golf: every once in a while I play a good game and that keeps me going. In real life I'm the editor of a magazine about security called CSO.

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  2005-08-25   link Annotated - Study Group Team - Slater,D (2134) [A55] MCC Study Group Match MetroWest CC (1), 20.10.1998 (note: The Weekly Group Lesson used to be called Study Group). --- This is an interesting game because we pitted four "average" Study Group players against myself. The players had Tim Newman (around Expert level) for a Captain. He got the players off to a decent opening position so they wouldn't be suffering due to lack off book knowledge. Thus this was a game where we tested their general positional and tactical strength.
  2005-08-25   link 19 Annotated MetroWest CC games - from 1998 thru 2000, various players at all levels, all games in Games Archive

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