Metrowest Chess Club, Framingham, Massachusetts

Regional Demographics

The MetroWest Chess Club has an interest in monitoring the chess community that surrounds it. Listed below are the demographic reports we generate to help us gauge the activity and interraction of the clubs and events in our region.

The data begins in the year 2023. Most of the clubs mentioned below were active for most of 2023.
  • The MetroWest CC resumed activity in July.
  • The Waltham CC halted activities due to losing their playing site and have not yet resumed activity.

Area Clubs Monthly Attendance

The Boylston Club meets multiple times a week so they are broken out into different reports than for the other clubs which meet just once a week.

Weekend Tournaments Attendance

A collection of different organizers run weekend events in the region.

Players who play at Two clubs

Not all clubs have an overlap of players. If there is no overlap of players the report will no list any names but will display the title and a section showing a count of one.

Players who play at MetroWest, Wachusett and Plainville, that meet on Wednesday nights

Players who play at the MetroWest CC and overlap with other Events or Organizers