Software Recommendations
by Mark Kaprielian
Desktop Applications

ClipTrackker 1.2

Last Reviewed 11/21/1999 Clipboard manager. Keeps a copy of everything you copy and paste. Comes in real handy

when things just won't drag and drop between apps. Some conversion, scratch pad, etc.

MemTurbo 2.1

Last Reviewed 11/21/1999 The first couple of times I heard of this program I thought, come on, this can't be really doing

anything. Well, I gave it a try and I'm a believer. This program is a "memory defragger".

What it does is it free's up reserved memory from applications that haven't used ram for a

while. I first started using the program back when Netscape 4.0 was causing my system to

crash after using it and other applications for a while. The number of crashes when down

a lot after I started using the program. Things do seem to speed up again after it does a

defag. The interface is easy and useful. You can set it to try an maintain a minimum level

and to shoot for a maximum level of physical memory available. In addition, you can make it

run on demand or periodically.

MoonPhase 2.2 build

Last Reviewed 11/21/1999 Not exactly a critical application. It just sits in your tray and shows you what the moon looks

like today.

Password Tracker Delux 3.61

Last Reviewed 11/21/1999 Gets my product of the year award, two years running now. The only program in years I

haven't found a bug in. Keeps all your passwords for you. Will log you into sites on the

web and will even do it automatically for you if you want. Fantastic, saves me lots of time

and effort.

SocketWatch 3.2

Last Reviewed 11/21/1999 Keeps your PC time sychronized via the internet.

TraxTime 3.6

Last Reviewed 11/21/1999 TraxTime - Time clock for multi projects. There are many of this type of program to chose

from but I picked this one because of overall functionality and an in your face GUI that is

easy to get to and that reminds you to punch out and lets you change projects fairly easily.

I'm using it to see just how much time I'm volunteering to various things. (three web sites,

multi org management or participation, personal chess study which has been appallingly low

this year, etc.)
Graphics Applications

ACDSee32 Super

Last Reviewed 7/12/2000 Image viewer. Was using SuperJPG and CompuPic. One feature that made me switch to it

was the easy to get to rotate for fixing the Kodak CD images that Kodak sometimes scans in

upside down. Also, presents file information neater than others and it has a generally

cleaner interface. Still my choice after 7 months of use. (July 2000) Originally reviewed in


IrFanView 3.33 $0.00

Last Reviewed 12/18/2000 I have not explored the full capabilities of this program yet. I currently use it for one purpose

1:32:12 AM only, to do batch resizing of graphics files which my current number one graphics viewer

choice does not yet do. The ability to resize a collection of photos in one shot is a

tremendous time saver if you take digital photos at a high resolution and want to display them

on a web page at a reasonable size for most users.
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