Software Recommendations
by Mark Kaprielian

FrontPage 2000

Last Reviewed 11/21/1999 I code for a living but don't want to take spend time coding if I donít have to. I maintain three

websites with no coding of HTML at all. If you can use the windows explorer and MS Word,

then you can do your entire web site with this program. Probably the best feature of all is

the ability to just move or rename your files and the program will maintain all your links for

you. The reporting features are great too. For example, will verify all your links, both internal

and external and present them with a set of tools for fixing them. The program is flexible

enough to allow you to do HTML directly, including style sheets. The only potential downside

is that in order to use all the advanced features, your Web hosting service must "support

Microsoft Front Page Extensions". More and more providers support this but not all. This

potentially means that you can't make use of your "free" web space that you generally get

with your dial up account. This in itself is not a problem. You merely have to sign up for FP

web space with anyone on the net. It doesn't have to be associated with your dial up

account at all. It is just rental space out there somewhere. I have also maintained sites with

FP that do not have FP extensions. There is no problem with this. You just can't use the

really nice built in features that only FP supported sites have. What you have is then just an

HTML editor. One interesting hybrid use is if you are on an internal network. I create FP

webs on the Unix servers at my place of employment to manage the internal web directories

that I am responsible for. Again, I can't use the advanced features but I can use the explorer

like interface to navigate and view the directories. What does work in this scenario is the

ability to move and rename and not break links. Much nicer than just having a plain old editor,

and, still, I do no HTML!!

HTML Reference Library 3.0

Last Reviewed 11/21/1999 I've just recently acquired this program and haven't spent much time with it. It looks to be a

very well done and working HTML reference guide. In addition, it comes with a color picker

tool. Best of all, it is free. This is currently the HTML help licensed to the popular Home Site

web tool.

SiteC 1.2 Build

Last Reviewed 11/21/1999 A nifty little tool for that goes out and checks to see if a list of sites that you specify are up

and running. It can alert you via email if you like and it logs its checks to a file for you.

VisualRoute 5.0b

Last Reviewed 11/21/1999 A nifty program that visually maps the hops from you to any URL. This tool if very handy in

determining where or what kind of connection problem you may be experiencing. Has a text

output so you can send the report to your ISP or whomever you need to.

Who's Talking 2.51 $99.95

Last Reviewed 11/21/1999 This is a kind of reverse search engine. This tool searches some of the top search engines

to find and list concisely the URLs that link to a target URL you supply. It also has other

searching features of this type.
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