Special Events


About this page

This page catalogs the material we have on the various "special events" that the club has held.

Correspondence to arrange Special Events

  PDF 1984-06 Request for USCF Recognition of a club sponsored New England Women's Championship tournament
PDF 1983-12 Correspondence to arrange Reshevsky Simul
PDF 1984-09 Letter to the French Consulate for Spassky Simul


PDF xxxx-06 Chess Movies to be shown - "Chess Fever" , "The Great Chess Movie"

Rules for Special Events

PDF 1984-06 Challenge Cup Proposal
PDF Rules for a Chess Variants night
PDF 198x The Club Library book list
PDF Rules - Material Handicap Speed
  PDF 198x Policy - Introductory Tournaments


PDF 198x-06 Problem Solving Competition Results
PDF 1985-10 Speed Tournament Results


PDF 1984-02-06 Dzhindzi
Archive 1984-10-27 Short
Archive 1984-06-84 Reshevsky
Archive 1984-09-30 Spassky
Archive 1988-03-08 Tal
Archive 1985-10-26 Polgar

Team Matches

    2006-05-07 MCC vs BCC
  Archive 1991-06-26 Framingham CC vs Boylston CC on the Big board during the Boston Chess Festival

Events that DID NOT happen

PDF 1983-06 Mall Simul
PDF 1984-01 Cray Blitz - Man vs Machine Match
PDF 1984-03 Korchnoi Simul