Boston Chess Festival


History by Tom Powers

Event Date:  June 26, 1991

Tom Powers, then program director of the FCC, recalls that in 1991, the Club was invited to play the Boylston Chess Club in an exhibition match in Copley Square. A national architects society was holding its convention in Boston at the time, and its local branch made models of buildings from "old Boston" and "new Boston" into a giant chess set for the event. The board was set up for the week, and was used for kids' matches, public play, and for other chess promotions.
The FCC played two G/25 games against the Boylston Club. The format was consultive play, with each Club discussing strategies as a team before making its next move. The Clubs split the short series.
Photos are shown below. Game scores can be found in the Club Game Archive.
Organizer Dr. Michael Charney running the clock while the teams ponder (pictured above)
The Boylston Club:
Nathan Resika, Boris Baczymshyj, Eric Godin, Alex Keys
The Framingham Club:
Alonzo Ross, Drew Sarkisian, Adam Bemporad, Brian Wall, Jack Young

Photos by club member Tom Powers