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Joe Kelly
Game Archive Director

The club's game archives are divided into two collections:

         DGT Board Archive - 2010 to present

         - 938 games collected from 1983 through 2009


DGT Board Archive

The DGT Board Archive starts November 9, 2010 when we used our first two DGT boards.  In 2013 we purchased four additional boards to bring our count to six.  In 2013 we also started broadcasting the games live to the club website.

Most recent update: 2015-01-27 - 562 games in this archive

DGT Archive in CBV format       DGT Archive in PGN format


Pre-DGT Game Archive (Historical collection of games, no longer being updated)

The Pre-DGT game archive starts at April 1, 1979, and continues through Nov 1 2009, containing 938 games - see below for details and formats. The classic Game Collection are collections of games played at MetroWest CC. The complete game collection has all over the board games. The correspondence matches are a separate collection. These are from Team Email Matches.

Available Content in the arvhive:

  • Complete game collection - This is a collection from Monthly Tournaments and Special Events, going back over 20 years. There are some gaps, and if you are interested in volunteering to help close these gaps, please contact Matt or Steve.
  • Annual Yearbook - A subset of the complete game collection of just the games from the year 2003, 2004, etc.
  • Games from Tal Simul - GM Mikhail Tal played a simul at our Club in 1988. We have all of the games, including a win by Bobby Seltzer!
  • Correspondence Games - These are games from our Team Email Match events.

Available classic formats:

  • ChessBase archive - This is a single compressed file that contains a complete ChessBase database inside. To view this format requires ChessBase Light (see below) or better
  • PGN - This is a single, human readable text file that is viewable with virtually any text or word processing tool. The PGN has header info about the game, followed by the moves, in short algebraic form. In addition, ChessBase Light, Chess Pad and similar tools can show you the PGN on a virtual chess board.
  • HTML - These games can be selected and replayed immediately, in your browser. Your browser must support both JavaScript, and frames.

Available tools:

  • ChessBase Light - A free tool that allows one to read (but not create or edit) ChessBase databases, limited to 32000 games. This is definitely the premium of free tools
  • Chess Pad - A free tool, easy to use, compatible with PGN, Crafty (also free) and Winboard


  • For those submitting their own games.
  • For those volunteering to entering games to submit to the game collection
  • For those maintaining the Database

New: Selected 2008 MetroWest CC Championship games in replayable web pages



Complete game collection

(updated November 1 , 2009)

Annual Yearbook

(updated March 31, 2007)

Games from Tal 1988 Simul

(updated December 7, 2003)

Correspondence games

(updated July 02, 2005)

ChessBase archive

2003 HTML

Playable in browser

ChessBase archive


2004 HTML



2005 HTML