The links below are photo web pages built with different jAlbum skins.  A sample structure of folders was built and populated with photos from the Around the club collection.

The intent of these links is to examine how well these different skins will render on the web site as well as on phones or tablets.

Key items to look for are:
--- Navigating on the web site
--- Navigating on the device
--- Can you swipe to advance
--- Is there a problem with it working on either.

Note:  The bare minimum settings were done to build each album to keep them on an equal basis as well as not spend a lot of time trying to tweak aspects such as fonts, text, info, etc.

Note:  The first folder has 5 images, the second folder has 5 images and the third folder has three sub-folders each with 5 images.
Note:  The first folder, 2000_Current has 5 images from 2018 that have full meta data the the older images may not, including names

TESTING:   I would recommend you go into the third folder, Titled 3000_Archive,  then into one of the sub folders and try to navigate staying within that folder till done then trying to go up and over to another of the sub folders
Note:  None have been configured yet to bring you back to the MCC home page. You may need to find a way back for now.   For me I have my Home in Chrome take me there.
2018-01-28 MK: Initial Comments
2018-01-28  MK: Revised - updated Photo blogger, Tweaking the top candidates for more realistic use, Added 2018 images into first folder so better testing of meta data presentation can be done
MK ranking   Tablet comments Web site comments


Will not Magnify.   A plus is the unique layout that tiles the pages  *** Using for Around the club *** Works very nicely on the web, used in 2 of 3 albums currently.
2 Minimal Very Clean   *** Using for Players Album *** Very Clean


Clean operation.  Might be slow Very Clean.  Buttons at top
Failed: Can not get names below thumbnails
x Turtle Very Clean, good navigation
NO Names below thumbs
Very Clean, good navigation
NO Names below thumbs


Very nice.  Names appear well.  Swipe up to go back up.  Will people figure this out?   It also has a search which I haven't confirmed works yet.  This seems the most like an android app to me.
Failed: Can not handle large file count
A little awkward on website, arrow in bottom right, wheel will go up.+
Failed: Can not handle large file count


Very clean.   When returning from swiping the photos you have to x out but then there is a nav bar.  Most of the others do use an x out for anything.   I think this is fine but the others do not make use of it.
Poor Web navigation


 Operates very nicely.  Swipe up to go back..will people figure this out? Can't navigate back up.  Problem getting text sized


Works but a little quirky presentation because of the tree structure on the left but then if you swipe right it gets hidden but swipe left on an image and it reappears.

As a plus though you can get right where you want to.


resizes, doesn't swipe, Navigation unclear going back  


Clean, resize yes, swipe no  


Swiping seems odd. A lot of tweaking if possible on sizing things would help  


Navigation: hierarchy is mush.   Does not show names  


Navigation isn't clear  


Text needs adjusting.    I notice right away that when you open up the photo it doesn't auto size and if you make it bigger you can make it too big  


Navigation is unclear and it appears to be slower.  Does not resize.  Additional info is available but I only discovered it by swiping up.  It appears at the bottom