The 2005 MetroWest Chess School’s first class was a great success as attendance surpassed expectations.  Thanks must go to IM Josh Friedel who analyzed several of his recent games and also brought his unique perspective to the Sicilian Moscow 3.Bb5+ line as recommended by IM Kaufman. 

And thanks also to all those who attended and made Josh feel so welcome.  I think we all would agree that Josh really communicated with his audience and made us all feel at ease with his friendly manner and his willingness to answer any and all questions.   It really couldn’t have gone better.


After Josh’s lecture we got into some of the course material.  I must say that I was amazed at the insight of the students.  I now know that I too will learn a lot from this class.  Thanks again to you all for making it so enjoyable and so much fun.


The class has its own email list and we all pledged to use it to help each other learn.   We have a lot of work ahead of us both in and out of class.   I can only ask that the students email me or the group with any questions or observations.  I look forward to hearing from you. 


For those of you who couldn’t attend, it’s not too late.  All the course materials are on the website.  You can catch up easily.  Just get on our mailing list and send any questions to me.  Please, Join us for the second class, Thursday, July 14.