MetroWest Chess Club
Book Study Group Program


Where: Natick Senior Center


When: First study session is Thursday, November 21, 2002 (6:30pm to 10:30pm).


Textbook: Fundamental Chess Endings, by Muller and Lamprecht, Gambit Publications, 2001.


Overview: On Thursday, November 21, 2002, the Metrowest Chess Club will inaugurate it’s new Chess School. This new program is open only to members of the Metrowest Chess Club, and it is designed to be an added benefit to the club’s already existing list of excellent educational opportunities.


The idea is for members of the club who are serious students of the game to meet once per month for the period of a year. Each student will work through fifteen to thirty pages of reading material at home, and then come to the club to review that month’s reading material with the other students through interactive discussion and group training games.


Thursday night’s emphasis will be placed on learning and on socialization, in contrast to Tuesday night’s emphasis on rated games and competition. It should be a lot of fun. The program also has a modest budget to pay for the services of guest masters to come and share their chess wisdom. This can take the form of lectures, small master/student sessions grouped by rating, or any other productive educational idea that the class might come up with for a master’s time. Once the class begins, ideas are sure to follow.


This is a trial program, so it might not be perfect at the start, but the goal is to work any kinks out through feedback once the program gets going. We hope to build the Chess School into a successful educational program for the future.


It’s not necessary to come to every Thursday night session, but each month’s material builds upon material from the previous month, so students are encouraged to maintain a consistent attendance.


If you’re looking for a quick fix to jump-start your rating then this course is not for you. The main purpose of this course is to provide a rock solid foundation in endgame technique that students can then use to build on with tactics and positional study. All levels of ability are welcome. The only prerequisite is a serious and dedicated appetite for fundamental endgame knowledge.


Note: We will take a vote during the first session and decide if we will charge a small fee for pizza or other dinner food to be delivered to the club in order to make the 6:30pm “work to club” transition easier.

















Topic and Chapter



Pawn Endings   (chapter 2)                              

2.1 King and Pawn(s) vs. King

2.2 Small Number of Pawns



2.3 Pawns on One Wing   

2.4 Passed Pawns

2.5 Pawns on Both Wings

2.6 Corresponding Squares



Knight Endings (chapter 3)

3.1 Knight vs. Pawns



3.2 Knight vs. Knight   



Bishop Endings (chapter 4)                              

4.1 Bishop vs. Pawns

4.2 Same Colored Bishops



4.3 Opposite Colored Bishops



Bishop vs. Knight (chapter 5)                           

5.1 Side With Bishop has Advantage



5.2 Side With Knight has Advantage    



Rook Endings (chapter 6) TBD



Rook Endings TBD



Rook Endings TBD



Rook and Minor Piece vs. Rook and Minor Piece (chapter 8)