MCC Lesson 1998 December - Derek Slater

Position after:

(1) Van Wely,L (2605) - Topalov,V (2740) [A70]
Hoogovens, Wijk aan Zee NED (3), 1998

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nf3 c5 4.d5 d6 5.Nc3 exd5 6.cxd5 g6 7.h3 Bg7 8.e4 0-0 9.Bd3 b5 10.Nxb5 Re8 11.Nd2 Nxe4 12.Bxe4 Ba6 13.a4 Qa5 Cool. Black's attack evolves very naturally based on several weaknesses in the White camp: First e4, then the loose knight on b5, now the pins on d2 and a4. In his efforts to extricate himself White winds up with a worse problem, namely the Ba6 that controls squares around White's king and prohibits castling. 14.Nxd6 Nd7 Even cooler. If White wants to trade his only active piece, Black says fine. 15.Qc2 f5 16.Nxe8 Rxe8 17.Kd1 fxe4 18.Ra3 c4 This move surprised me. Black blocks the Ba6. What is he trying to accomplish? Amazingly, this pawn will queen in only seven more moves! 19.Re3 Qxd5 20.Rxe4 Rf8 Another incredible move. Black wants to keep his rook on the board to help with the attack as he opens more lines. This simple sidestep preserves the rook while also forcing White to spend a move preventing it from reaching f2. Yet the White rook will also go on a rampage, trying to knock out Black's bishops before too many lines open up to the White king. Risky business! 21.f3 Nc5 22.Re7 Bf6 23.Rxa7 c3 24.Rxa6 cxd2 25.Rxf6 dxc1Q+ 26.Kxc1 Rxf6 27.Rd1 Incredibly, this may be the losing move. I haven't analyzed this position closely but it seems that White should have some chances in the endgame with his two connected pawns. But Black now wins the a-pawn. 27...Qc6 28.Kb1 Nxa4 29.Qxc6 Rxc6 and Black won in about 20 more moves. 30.Rd8+ Kg7 31.Rd7+ Kh6 32.h4 Nc5 33.Rf7 Ne6 34.Ka2 Ra6+ 35.Kb1 Nd4 36.Rf4 Nf5 37.Re4 Rd6 38.Kc2 Ng3 39.Rg4 Nf1 40.Kc3 Ne3 41.Rg5 Nf5 42.Rg4 Kh5 43.b4 Ne3 44.Rd4 Rxd4 45.Kxd4 Nc2+ 46.Ke5 Nxb4 47.Kf6 Nd5+ 48.Kg7 Ne3 A great game to analyze. What happens, for example, if White tries 14.Qe2? (Not as simple as it looks!) What about 12.Nxe4 instead of capturing with the Bishop? 0-1

Position after:

(2) Foushee,A (2150) - Slater,D (2080) [E10]
Kentucky Closed Championship, 1987

1.d4 e6 2.c4 Nf6 3.Nf3 c5 4.d5 b5 5.dxe6 fxe6 6.cxb5 d5 7.e3 Bd6 8.Nc3 Nbd7 9.Qb3 Qe7 10.Be2 0-0 11.0-0 Bb7 12.Rd1 Rae8 13.a4 Bb8 14.h3 Ne4 15.Bd2 Ng5 16.Be1 d4 17.Nxg5 Qxg5 18.Bf1 Ne5 19.f4 *

Position after:

(3) Rocha,B (2350) - Lima,I (2450) [D21]
Brazilian Championship, 1998

1.d4 d5 2.c4 dxc4 3.Nf3 c5 4.e3 cxd4 5.Bxc4 Qc7 6.Qb3 e6 7.exd4 Nc6 8.0-0 a6 9.Bd2 Nf6 10.Bd3 Be7 11.Nc3 0-0 12.Rac1 Rd8 13.Ne4 Qb8 14.Rfe1 Bd7 15.Nc5 Be8 16.Be3 Ra7 17.a3 Nd5 18.Bb1 a5 19.Qd3 g6 20.h4 b6 21.Ne4 Nf6 22.Nxf6+ Bxf6 23.Qe4 Ne7 24.h5 Nd5 25.Bh6 Ra8 26.Ne5 Qd6 27.hxg6 hxg6 28.Qg4 Bg7 *

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