MCC Vernal Equinox Swiss
March 3, 10, 17, 24, 31, 2019


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Provisional Pairings
Number to call for a bye:  508 - 788 - 3641    (508-put-dog1)
Only call for the round about to be played, not about future rounds.
Big time disclaimer:    The pairings shown are merely what would result as pairings given the information known at the end of the previous round.  As pairings do not close until 7:20 PM on the night of play, the official pairings will only be known at that time.  If you study or prepare based on the information contained on this page, you do so entirely at your own risk.  It is the nature of our club that people from the top boards through the bottom boards get called away at the last moment and take a bye for the round.  Contenders for 1st place in the last round have on a number of occasions, had to withdraw thereby creating a complete shuffling of the pairings. So, with that said, this page could be totally useless.

If you are in the tournament you are ALWAYS OBLIGATED to show for every round unless you've called for a bye before 7:00 PM of the night of play or previously signed up for a bye for the round at the club.  Don't worry about the points for the bye.  We figure that out based on what you are entitled to.
All Players in the club event need to understand about Byes, requesting byes, being "Paired out" and more.
Please read the MCC Players Essential Information Brochure and the Pairing FAQ
or you may find you have made a big mistake.
Reading the above two FAQs will help you avoid the most common mistakes: 
  • Forfeiting because you did not understand what "paired out" means since these are "projected pairings"
  • Not calling in a bye request in time for it to count
  • Not knowing what number to call and how to leave a bye request
We have a lot of information about Tournaments and about the club, see our complete collection of FAQs
The club has strict policy regarding those who forfeit.  If you forfeit, you will be assessed a fine and will NEVER be allowed to play in a club event again UNLESS you pay the assessed fine.  The fine doubles for each additional forfeit. 
To learn about all of the clubs rules regarding tournament play, read the club's Policies and Procedures document.
Click here if you want to see the Pairing logic.  Note, this is not always updated and may point to some past months round.  This is update usually for situations requiring a closer examination of the pairings.
Click here if you want to learn more about pairings including how accelerated pairings work.

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Not available until after the first round has been played