MetroWest Chess Club - Short Time Swiss
May   14, 21, 28   2002

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Tournament Commentary
Sunday, July 31, 2011    08:12 PM
written by Larry Eldridge

Commentary will usually be posted to this page late Wednesday or Thursday night.

Round 3 - May 28, 2002
No. 2 seed John Curdo won his third straight game while top-ranked Igor Foygel and No. 3 John Chamberlain battled to a last-round draw, leaving Curdo atop the abbreviated May tournament with a perfect 3.0 score. Foygel, Chamberlain, and Navan Ruthrmoorthy shared runner-up honors at 2.5 each.

The middle section also produced a clear winner as Robert Frederick upset No. 1 seed Mark Kaprielian in the final round to emerge with the only 3.0 result. George Goulding and Gatumba Abu were next at 2.5 apiece.

There was a tie in the bottom section as Fred Harvey and Nicholas D’Alessandro both won all their games, with the size of the field and the shortness of the tournament preventing a head-to-head encounter. Peter Lee and Brian O’Rourke tied for third place with 2.5 points each.

The most significant last-round form reversals, both affecting top honors in their sections, were the 2017-rated Chamberlain’s draw with Foygel (2566), amounting to a 274.5-point "upset," and Frederick (1467) defeating Kaprielian (1654), a 187-point difference. But the biggest upset of the entire tournament (446 points) occurred in the bottom section, where Travis Nilsson, whose pre-tournament rating was only 363, knocked off Sam Giler (809).

The field broke down 24-16-24 in the three sections for a total turnout of 64 players.

Name                     Pnts     Victim
John Chamberlain (2017)    274.5     Igor Foygel (2566)
Jacob Perkowski (1728)      52.0     Robert L Harvey (1832)
Neil B Cousin (1828)        24.5     Edward Astrachan (1877)

Name                     Pnts     Victim
Robert Frederick (1467)    187.0 Mark Kaprielian (1654)
Name                        Pnts     Victim
Travis A Nilsson (363)     446.0     Sam A Giler (809)
Round 2 - May 21, 2002
Sixty players turned out for Round One of the abbreviated May tournament and four more jumped in for Round Two, creating a surprisingly large 64-player field for this three-round event.

Veteran masters Igor Foygel and John Curdo both won their first two games as usual, and are joined at the top by expert John Chamberlain and 1604-rated Daniel Newman, who continued his "giant-killing" exploits of the past few months with wins over a pair of strong A-players.

Newman has his work cut out for him in the last round, though, facing Curdo on Board 2, though he does get the white pieces.  The Board One match up is Foygel-Chamberlain, so barring any last-minute dropouts the "Igor & John Show" will conclude without their being paired against each other due to the shortness of the tournament.

Robert Frederick has the lone 2-0 score in the U1700 section, followed by a a group of five players half a point off the pace. Mark Kaprielian, the highest rated of this quintet, gets the last-round crack at the leader on Board One.

The bottom (U1400) section, like the top one, features a four-way tie for first place at 2-0 among John Mc Laughlin, Fred L Harvey, Nicholas D'Alessandro, and Calvin Hori. They pair up Hori-McLaughlin and D'Alessandro - Harvey in the final round. Newman and Navan Ruthramoorthy (1700) have been the big up setters in the Open section so far. The former has knocked off Al Ward (1800) and Joe Kelly (1879), while the latter has defeated Robert Harvey (1832) and drawn Robert Powell (1951).

As frequently happens, though, the biggest form reversals have occurred in the middle and bottom sections: Steven O'Connor (965) over Lomer Cormier (1375) and Michael Kaye (1057) over Greg Siciliano (1421). The only other upsets meeting our 100-point criterion have been Robert Frederick (1467) over William Stein (1629) and Al Schaefer (1400) drawing George Goulding (1646).

Name 				Pnts 	Victim 
Daniel B Newman (1604) 	275.0 	Joseph F Kelly (1879) 
Na Ruthramoorthy (1700) 	125.5 	Robert W Powell (1951) 
James Todhunter (1714) 	51.0 	Niki Konovalchuk (1765) 
Alexand Paphitis (1757) 	36.0 	William Michael (1793) 
Name 				Pnts 	Victim 
Michael W Kaye (1057) 	364.0 	Gregor Siciliano (1421) 
Robert Frederick (1467) 	162.0 	William F Stein (1629) 
Matthew W Phelps (1499) 	77.5 	Mark Kaprielian (1654) 
Gatumba Z Abu (1581) 		17.0 	Severine Wamala (1598) 

Name 				Pnts 	Victim 
Round 1 - May 14, 2002

Name 			Pnts 	Victim 
Daniel B Newman (1604) 	196.0 	Alfred G Ward (1800) 
Na Ruthramoorthy (1700) 	132.0 	Robert L Harvey (1832) 
Larry Eldridge (1751) 	63.0 	Edward Astrachan (1877) 

Name 			Pnts 	Victim 
Alan D Schaefer (1400) 	123.0 	George Goulding (1646) 

Name 			Pnts 	Victim 
Steven O'Connor (965) 	410.0 	Lomer J Cormier (1375)