MetroWest Chess Club - Independence Swiss
July   4, 11, 18, 25   2000

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Tournament Commentary
Sunday, July 31, 2011    08:20 PM
written by Larry Eldridge

Commentary will usually be posted to this page late Wednesday or Thursday night.

Round 4 - July 25, 2000

The “Igor and John Show” rolled on as usual -- but not via the usual route of three wins each plus a “grandmaster draw.”  This time John Curdo had to give up his half-point at the very beginning due to a conflict with the World Open, then Senior Master Foygel was held to a draw in Round 3 by young Geoff Polizoti. That left all three with 2.5 points, a total also achieved by Bob Armes to make it a four-way tie going into the last round. In the end, though, form prevailed, as Foygel defeated Armes and Curdo won the stepfather-vs.-stepson battle against Polizoti. The result knocked the two losers out of the prize money, as so frequently happens in Swiss System tournaments, with Brian Sherman passing them with a last-round victory to claim third place with 3.0 points.

The U1800 section also turned into a four-way battle in the final round. Howard Goldowsky, Mike de la Maza, and Scott Reynolds shared the lead at 2.5 each, with Bill Stein joining this group as the highest rated player with 2.0. When the dust had cleared, the first two wound up drawing on Board One, while Stein defeated Reynolds on Board 2 to leapfrog past him and make it a three-way tie for top honors. 

Young Tim Abbot was the talk of the U1400 section, taking a July 4th half-point bye in Round One, then reeling off three straight wins to share top honors with Bob King at 3.5 points each. Like the top section, this one was a four-way tie at 2.5 going into the final round, where King defeated  Douglas Thompson and Abott upset fellow schoolboy Travis Chui. And also as in the top section, the last-round losers missed out on the prize money as Mark Leeuwenburgh vaulted past them  with a victory to finish with 3.0. 

All the big last-round upsets were in this bottom section. Abbot (972) over Chui (1206) was obviously the most meaningful,  but Andrjez Weyman (855) over Andrew Shapira (1130) was the biggest in terms of rating points. Youngster Alex Lee (1033) drawing  Jim Krycka (1254) is also worth mentioning. 

The 10-week scholastic section started a new tournament in terms of pairings while continuing it s overall scoring in terms of the standings. Most of the top-rated players won their games, leaving the standings and the race for the six trophies (based on results plus attendance) looking like this after six rounds:

Trevor Biller and Mathew tied for first place with 11 points each, followed by Greg Siciliano, Joshua Lee, Derek Gavelis, and Jason Stoll with 10 points apiece. 

Due to the accelerated pairings being used for the first two rounds of the new tournament, these six will pair up against each other in Round 2 (assuming they all show up).  After that, the pairings revert to normal, giving all contenders a fair shot in the trophy race over the last three weeks.

Name                           	Pnts		Victim
Gellert, Jason (1695)          	59.0    	Booker, Roland D (1754)
Sherman, Brian R (2000)        	15.0    	Chamberlain, John (2015)

Name				Pnts      	Victim
de la Maza, Michael (1600)     	33.5		Goldowsky, Howard (1667)

Name				Pnts		Victim
Weyman, Andrzej (825)		305.0		Shapira, Andrew (1130)
Abbot, Timothy (972)		234.0		Chui, Travis (1206)
Lee, Alex H. (1033)		110.5		Krycka, James A. (1254)

Round 3 - July 18, 2000

Rising young star Geoff Polizoti and veteran senior master Igor Foygel battled to a draw on Board One, setting up a four-way tie for first place going into the last round.  John Curdo and Bob Armes joined them at the top  -- Curdo via a long 2Bs vs. B&N end game victory against Ed Epp, and Armes with a win over Larry Pratt. The leaders will square off the the finale, with Foygel playing the white pieces against Armes and Curdo also getting white in his stepfather vs. stepson match with Polizoti. 

Howard Goldowsky, Mike de la Maza, and Scott Reynolds all won their Round 3 games to share first place in the U1800 section with 2.5 points each. de la Maza gets white against Goldowsky on Board One in the finale, while Reynolds draws the black pieces against Bill Stein, the highest-rated player with 2 points. 

There’s a four-way tie at 2.5 in the U1400 section among Bob King, Douglas Thompson, and youngsters Travis Chui and Tim Abbot. The pairings set up an interesting finish, with  Thompson vs. King on Board One, and Abbot vs Chui in a battle of young prodigies on Board 2. 

The only upset victories of at least 100 points occurred in the U1400 section: Abbot (972) over Andrew Shapira (1130) and Thompson (1120) over Jim Krycka (1254).  Notable “upset draws” in the Open section were Polizoti (2076)  against  Foygel (2521) and Mark Kaprielian (1538) vs. Donna Alarie (1799). All  other form reversals were of less than 100 points, which is too low a number even to mention.  

The total entries in the tournament are now 59, thanks to three late “jump-ins” in the Open section.

The 25-player summer scholastic tournament completed the first half of its 10-week session with some exciting top board games. When the dust had cleared, we had a three-way tie for first place in game scores, and a two-way deadlock in the overall point race for trophies.

Greg Siciliano knocked off previously undefeated Trevor Biller on Board One, leaving both of them tied at 4-1, and Matthew Vaughan made it a threesome with a Board 2 victory over David Karman.  

Joshua Lee, Jason Stoll, and Derek Gavelis also won their Round 5 games to hang right behind the leaders with 3.5 points each, with another group only another half point off the pace. 

In the overall standings, counting both results and attendance, Biller and Vaughan are tied for top honors with nine  points apiece, followed by seven players with eight points each -- Siciliano, Lee, Stoll, Gavelis, Jeff Salemi, Sam Rabe, and David Karman.

Name 				Pnts 	Victim
Polizoti, Geoffrey (2076) 	222.5	Foygel, Igor (2521)
Kaprielian, Mark (1538) 	130.5	Alarie, Donna M (1799)
Souliere, Donald (1677) 	 95.5	Zuppa, Tom (1868)
Gellert, Jason (1695) 		 73.5	Ward, Alfred (1842)

Name 				Pnts 	Victim
Reynolds, Scott (1564) 		 18.0	Wamala, Severine (1582)

Name 				Pnts 	Victim
Abbot, Timothy (972) 		158.0	Shapira, Andrew (1130)
Thompson, Douglas (1120) 	134.0	Krycka, James A. (1254)
Leeuwenburgh, Mark (1333) 	 54.0	Manivannan, Sanjay (1387)
Powers, Tom (1225) 		 53.5	King, Robert E (1332)

Round 2 - July 11, 2000

Thirty-two players, back from the World Open or other holiday engagements, jumped in for Round 2, creating lively battles for the top placings in all sections. There are now 56 players in the tournament, with a good balance among the sections: 20 in the Open, 17 in the U1800, and 19 in the U1400. 

Igor Foygel and Geoff Polizoti, both of whom did play and win on July 4, won again to emerge as the co-leaders of the Open section and will meet on Board One. A half-dozen players are right behind them with 1.5, led by World Open returnees John Curdo and Ed Epp along with Bob Armes.

Walter Champion has the only perfect score in the U1800 section, followed by a group of five with 1.5 each. Again the latter are mostly “jump-ins,” including Mike de la Maza, fresh from his impressive 6-3 showing in the same section at the World Open.

There's also a clear leader at 2.0 in the U1400 section, Robert King, followed by a group of six at 1.5. Here, too, the latter are mostly “jump-ins,” including youngsters Travis Chui and Tim Abbot. 

The big upset of Round 2 occurred in the Open section, where Ryan Chin (1377) knocked off Al Ward (1842). The only other result in which the winner was rated more than 100 points below his opponent was Tom Powers (1225) over John McLaughlin (1356) in the U1400 section.

The 25-player summer scholastic tournament continues to roll along, and has now completed four rounds. Trevor Biller, who entered the event unrated, has swept his field so far to stand as the sole leader at 4.0. Three players are tied for second place at 3.0: Greg Siciliano, who has had to take two byes but has won both games he played; Matthew Vaughan, who lost to Biller in the first round and has won three in a row since then; and David Karman, who also lost to Biller (in Round 2), and has also won all his other tests.  Another group of seven youngsters led by No. 1 seed Andrew Mui is still in contention at 2.5.

Biller also leads the overall point standings, which count both results and attendance, and on which the six trophies will be awarded, with a perfect 8 points. Next come Vaughan and Karman, 7 each, Stephen Karman, 6.5; and seven players with 6.0: Mui, Siciliano, Joshua Lee, Jeffrey Salemi, Sam Rabe, Jason Stoll, and Derek Gavelis.

Name 				Pnts 		Victim
Chin, Ryan (1377) 		465.0		Ward, Alfred (1842)

Name 				Pnts 		Victim
Champion, Walter J (1612) 	 82.0		Stein, Bill (1694)
Reynolds, Scott (1564) 		 78.0		Barry, Mike (1642)
LaCombe, Nathan (1528) 		 35.0		Cousin, Neil (1598)

Name 				Pnts 		Victim
Powers, Tom (1225) 		131.0		McLaughlin, John (1356)
Abbot, Timothy (972) 		 61.0		Lee, Alex H. (1033)
Krycka, James A. (1254) 	 14.0		Lee, Peter H. (1268)
King, Robert E (1332) 		  1.0		Leeuwenburgh, Mark (1333)

Round 1 - July 4, 2000

Twenty four players showed up for Round One of this month’s tournament -- a pretty good turnout considering that it fell on the actual July 4th holiday, and that a dozen or so club members were away at the World Open.

Igor Foygel, Geoff Polizoti, John Chamberlain, and Brian Sherman all won their initial tests to lead the 10-player Open Section; Bill Stein, Howard Goldowsky, and Walter Champion share the early U1800 lead; and Mark Leeuwenburg, Robert King, and Dana Harris are atop the U1400 grouping. 

First-round upsets: Mark Fins (1744) drew Robert Powell (2001), Clark Ewer (1295) drew Menno Koning (1500), and Dana Harris (1010) defeated John McLaughlin.

A large group of “jump-ins” is anticipated in Round Two, as players will be back from the World Open and other holiday trips.

The big news for the club in Philadelphia was that GMs Alexander Ivanov and Sergey Kudrin, both regular participants in our November and April tournaments, finished in the eight-way tie for first place. 

Top scores by club members were Mike de la Maza’s 6.0 out of nine points in the U1800 section and Ali Khater’s identical result in the U1600 section. Severine Wamala went 5.5 in the U1600 group, Larry Eldridge scored 5.0 in U1800, and several others ended up all even at 4.5.

Name 				Pnts 		Victim
Fins, Mark L (1744) 	128.5		Powell, Robert (2001)
Name 				Pnts 		Victim
Ewer, Clark R (1295) 	102.5		Koning, Menno G (1500)
Name 				Pnts 		Victim
Harris, Dana F (1010) 	346.0		McLaughlin, John (1356)
King, Robert E (1332) 	 55.0		Manivannan, Sanjay (1387)