MetroWest Chess Club - Winter Warmer Swiss
January   4, 11, 18, 25   2000

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Tournament Commentary
Sunday, July 31, 2011    08:21 PM
written by Larry Eldridge

Commentary will usually be posted to this page late Wednesday or Thursday night.

Round 4 - January 25, 2000

Round 3 - January 18, 2000

Here's the commentary for Round 3: Rising young expert Geoff Polizoti has the only perfect 3-0 score in the Open Section, followed closely by Igor Foygel, John Curdo, and Ed Epp at 2.5 each. This state of affairs came about when Foygel and Curdo played their usual draw in Round 3, Polizoti defeated Larry Pratt, and Epp was away on a pre-requested bye.

The result is what promises to be an exciting pair of last-round showdowns, with all four competitors still having a chance to win or share first place.  Polizoti is the only one who can win the tournament outright, but he needs a victory to do it, and has a tough assignment playing black on Board One against Curdo.  The latter, of course, is always tough in these "must win" situations, especially with the white pieces, and he needs the full point if he hopes to claim a share of first place. Meanwhile, on Board 2, Epp gets the white pieces in his bid to upset Foygel, with the winner also in line for a share of top honors if Polizoti loses or draws.  

In the U1400 section, 13th-seeded Ethan Thompson has risen to the top with the only perfect score, but thanks to a pre-requested bye in the last round, he has already completed his tournament and clinched at least a share of first place at 3.5.  Next in line with 2.5 apiece are Robert King, Harvey Reed, and 10-year-old Travis Chui, all with a shot at sharing top honors.  

King will play Chui on Board One, with Reed facing Jim Krycka (the appropriate member of the 2-point score group) on Board 2.  

The biggest upset of the third round (and in fact of the entire tournament so far) was turned in by high school student Sam Atwood (916) over Sanjayan Manivannan (1329).  It was the second major form reversal in a row by Atwood, who had knocked off Christopher Gagnepain (1192) a week earlier.  The two big wins have put Atwood up among the leaders and earned him a Board 3 last-round pairing (and a bid for an even bigger upset) against top-seeded John McLaughlin (1350).

Other third-round up setters were Jason Gellert over Jeff Penta (133 points), A.J. Rice over Gatumba Abu (128 points), Thompson over Lloyd Perna (95 points), and Chui over Mark Saviano (75 points). One more player jumped into the tournament, making the figures 30 in the Open section and 21 in the U1400 for a total of 51.

MCC Winter Warmer Swiss  -- Open                                  Upsets, Page 1
Pl  Rd  Diff              Winner              Rate Rate       Opponent
  1   3  133 GELLERT,Jason (2.0)              1648 1781 PENTA, Jeff George
  2   3  128 RICE,Alexander J (1.5)           1404 1532 ABU,Gatumba

MCC Winter Warmer Swiss  -- Under 1400                            Upsets, Page 1
Pl  Rd  Diff              Winner              Rate Rate       Opponent
  1   3  413 ATWOOD,Samuel (2.0)               916 1329 MANIVANNAN,Sanjayan
  2   3   95 THOMPSON, Ethan (3.0)            1108 1203 PERNA,Lloyd
  3   3   75 CHUI,Travis (2.5)                1184 1259 SAVIANO,Mark
Round 2 - January 11, 2000

Commentary, Rounds 1&2 combined: 

Five players in the Open Section -- Igor Foygel, John Curdo, Geoff Polizoti, Ed Epp, and Rob Huntington -- have perfect scores at the halfway point, followed by another quintet just half a point off the pace.  Now it's crunch time, with the leaders set to meet each other in Round 3: Foygel vs. Polizoti and Huntington vs. Curdo on the top two boards, with Epp taking a pre-requested half-point bye. 

In the U1400 section, Robert King, Harvey Reed, and Ethan Thompson share the top spot at 2.0, with four players breathing down their necks at 1.5. Reed has white against King on Board One in Round 3, with Thompson facing Richard Fijalkowski (the highest rated player in the next score group) on Board 2. 

De La Maza's 354-point upset over Bill Michael was the only Open Section upset in Round One, and is still the biggest one of the tournament so far.  Other form reversals on the first night were Ethan Thompson over Jim Krycka, 203 points, and Travis Chui over Sanjayan Manivannan, 145 points. 

In Round 2 there was again only one full upset in the Open Section, Franklin Herman's 117-pointer over Mike Barry.  In the U1400 section we had Sam Atwood's 276 point win over  Christopher Gagnepain, and a couple of mild ones (under 100 points):  Reed over John McLaughlin, and Steve Wagner over Justin Grimes.

Five players jumped in for Round 2, increasing the entries to 30 in the Open Section and 20 in the U1400 for a total of 50.

MCC Winter Warmer Swiss  -- Open                                  Upsets, Page 1
Pl  Rd  Diff              Winner              Rate Rate       Opponent
  1   2  117 HERMAN,Franklin B (1.0)          1536 1653 BARRY,Michael
MCC Winter Warmer Swiss  -- Under 1400                            Upsets, Page 1
Pl  Rd  Diff              Winner              Rate Rate       Opponent
  1   2  276 ATWOOD,Samuel (1.0)               916 1192 GAGNEPAIN,Christophe
  2   2   92 REED,Harvey (2.0)                1258 1350 MCLAUGHLIN,John
  3   2   62 WAGNER, Steve (1.0)               860  922 GRIMES, Justin

Round 1 - January 4, 2000

See Round 2 (1st and 2nd round commentaries combined this month)

MCC Winter Warmer Swiss  -- Open                                  Upsets, Page 1
Pl  Rd  Diff              Winner              Rate Rate       Opponent
  1   1  354 DE LA MAZA (1.0)                 1421 1775 MICHAEL, William G

MCC Winter Warmer Swiss  -- Under 1400                            Upsets, Page 1
Pl  Rd  Diff              Winner              Rate Rate       Opponent
  1   1  203 THOMPSON, Ethan (1.0)            1108 1311 KRYCKA,James A
  2   1  145 CHUI,Travis (1.0)                1184 1329 MANIVANNAN,Sanjayan