Lecture and Simul Night
Free to Club Members

May 19, 1998

On Tuesday May 19, 1998, Thirty-one players attended a lecture and Simul conducted by FIDE Master John Curdo.  Mr. Curdo gave a lecture on tactics and at the end took general questions from the floor regarding though process and approaches. 

Shortly after the lecture, players then proceeded to the main playing room where the tables had been set up in a large circle.  Mr. Curdo granted up to two byes for everyone but took the White pieces on every board.  The first move was made at 8:20 PM. 

Unfortunately, many players had to forfeit as the games proceeded late into the night.  Even those who did have to leave expressed being pleased with the opportunity to try their hand at beating a master.  The boards were allocated to the lower rated players first as many of these players had never had an opportunity to face a master before.  As the boards dwindled down, the pace sped up and the boards continued to drop out at an even quicker pace.

When the last five games all finished within four minutes of each other.   When the last board dropped the clock read 2:10 AM.  The total time for the event finished ten minutes under six hours

The final results were   22 wins, 4 losses and 5 draws.

From my observations (I had plenty of free time as my game was done long before the final boards) Mr. Curdo seemed to me to be fairly generous with granting some of those draws.

Players scoring a win Players scoring a draw
   Ross Eldridge    Gatumba Abu
   Al Ward    Walt Champion
   James Williams    Menno Koning
   C. Stephen Young    Bill Michael
   Harvey Reed

I think James Williams 1381 should be congratulated.  He was one of the last boards to finish and the last person to score a win.

Mr. Curdo awarded top game titles to Al Ward and C. Stephen Young.

Pictures from the Event will be available soon.