FIDE Misc Information


Revised: 2012-01-04


If you play in a FIDE rated section you will be assigned a FIDE ID.  When the rating report is submitted to FIDE, every player must have a FIDE ID, whether or not their performance is ratable. 


The Main Site -

To look up a rating -

        Results will be returned with the following format as an example:

IDcode Name T WT OT Fed Rtg Exp N B-Year S F
2024527 Krasik, Ilya USA 0 1979 M
T-FIDE title Exp-expected rating change N-number of games in curr. period S-sex F-flag of inactivity WT-Women's Title OT-Arbiter/Trainer Title

In this example, the player does not have a rating yet.
To determine if they have a FIDE number and have met the
        "1 point earned from among 3 FIDE rated players in 1 event "
criteria to start earning towards their FIDE rating OR they simply have an ID, click on their name. 

If they have met the criteria there will be a "Part Results" section that appears similar to the following example.

Part results
Event name (Fed.) City W N Rp FRL Period
40th Annual Continental Open (USA) Sturbridge, Massachusetts 1 4 2077 September 2010
41st Annual Continental Open (USA) Sturbridge, Massachusetts 2 2 2081 September 2011

The "N" column represents the number of games played.

If a player has not yet met the criteria to start accumulating twords his rating, the "Part results"" section will not be shown.