FIDE MCC Players


FIDE IDs for MCC Players

Starting in January of 2012 all monthly events that have 5 rounds shall have the Open section FIDE rated.  In addition, the Club Championship section will also be FIDE rated.  The decision to have FIDE rated sections was to provide an additional benefit to our Open section players by providing a convenient means by which they might obtain a FIDE rating.  While the number of FIDE rated players in the area is somewhat limited it is our hope that over time our efforts will add to the pool of FIDE rated players thereby making it easier for players to obtain FIDE ratings.

First Name Last Name USCF ID FIDE ID  
Siddharth    Arun    13206647    2079178  
Christopher    Bird    12774242    2029162  
GM Arthur B    Bisguier    10125260    2001098  
Mika A    Brattain    13052087    2071142  
Charlie D    Fauman    12931853    2079143  
IM Igor    Foygel    12563122    2008580  
Benjamin    Goldberg    12671059    2021889  
Jeffery S    Hall    12710491    2041464  
David J    Harris    12489241    2004240  
Ilya    Krasik    12580336    2024527  
Vadim    Martirosov    12690122    2015404  
Miro    Reverby    12414501    2008149  
Tian    Rossi    12876857    2058588  
Lior    Rozhansky    12825910    2079160  
Elliot    Strassman    14192920    2079151  
Lawyer    Times    12167330    2029065  
IM Jonathan    Yedidia    10141591    2003015