Getting Club Championships restarted

Why We Stopped

Sometime, perhaps 1996, the club stopped producing a club champion from its events. Traditionally the club champion had been the highest placing club member from a designated club championship monthly event.  For several years there had been some dissatisfaction with the fact that often the club champion was not the winner of the event and could easily not even be a place finisher.  In addition, the clubs strongest players may have been eliminated due to strong non-members who participated.  In short, there were many perceived deficiencies in the way the club champion was being determined.
After a year or two of no championships and people expressing a desire and the opinion that the club should have a champion, a series of intense discussions were held, position papers put forward and committee meetings held but a redesign of the championships was never fully worked out and agreed upon.
At the end of 2002 the club re-incorporated and organized itself around the idea of Program areas with Program Director for each program.  Since there was currently no Championship event and thus no program, the Monthly Tournament Director, Jim Krycka took it upon himself to put forward an idea for the format of a new club championships  that would integrate well into the recently revamped Monthly Tournament prize structure.  Jim formed a committee which which put forward a proposal, solicited comments from historically interested parties and then sought and obtained approval by the Board.

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