Official Merchandise


About the club's official merchandise

To further enhance the sense of community among our members, the club is pleased to provide an opportunity for both its members and those with an interest in the club, to purchase merchandise bearing the clubs Logo.
All the items available for purchase are being made available to you at the price available to us.  That is, the club is not making any profit from the sale of these goods.  In fact, we are not even passing on  the cost of shipping from the manufacturer or the various set up costs.  This means that in most cases the club is in fact taking a loss when orders are placed.  We feel that these small recurring losses are well worth it to the club to allow the club's supporters and enthusiasts to show their support and pride in the club.
We hope that you will wear with pride any of the clothing items you may purchase.

About On-Line Payments

  Currently the club only uses PayPal for secure on-line payments.  By are using PayPal, no credit card or other transactional information passes through or resides on our site.  PayPal transactions work by way of secure log in on the PayPal site.
If you don't already have a PayPal account, it is very easy to establish one.  You can simply select the items you wish to purchase and when you go to the Checkout, PayPal will walk you through the steps of creating a PayPal account.  If you already use a credit card for over the web purchases, you should feel comfortable do the simple option of associating that credit card with the PayPal account.  The account can be set up in less than 10 minutes on-line.

Partnering with the MCC for selling goods with our branding

If you would like to discuss partnering with us for our mutual benefit, please contact us at info at
To Send email, Use the Email name in bold and add  to complete the address

Goods by Vendor

L. L. Bean

     Link  How it Works - Our Arrangement with L. L. Bean

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Link Interlock-Knit Polo Shirts Newest Item, added Nov. 2004.  Almost identical in look to Double L shirts but a softer texture.
Link Double L Polo Shirts  
Link Unshrinkable T-Shirts  
Link Washed Baseball Hat  
 Link  Logo - Actual scan of the Dark Logo on a Light Polo shirt
     Link  Logo - Actual scan of the Light Logo on a Dark Polo shirt (Lines should be more solid on future shirts similar to the Dark on Light)
     Link  Logo - Actual scan of the Light Logo on a Light T-Shirt