Our collection of Rating information tries to explain some of the common questions as well as present information that is not generally known or understood by the majority of players.

Types of Ratings

Link What are Quick, Regular and Provisional Ratings?
Link More about the Quick Chess Rating

Mysterious things

Updated Link About Rating Changes
Link Why are my recent events not in the latest Supplement ?
Link What is a Rating Floor ?
  Link What is a Rating Class
  Link What is a Swiss System tournament or Round-Robin tournament

A tool for downloading all your results from the USCF

  Link MSA program by a member of the Greater Peoria Chess Federation

How the USCF Calculates Ratings

  Link The current USCF Rating Formulas
Link Provisional Rating Calculations explained

Calculating Ratings

Link How to estimate your rating change for a game.
Link Points at Risk in a rated game
  Link Here is collection of Rating Calculators in MS Excel format
Probability of the Higher Rated Player Winning.
  Probability of Winning    
USCF Distribution of Ratings 1993 through 1998
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