Frequently Asked Questions

This page serves as an index to specially prepared pages we call FAQs, Frequently Asked Questions.  The idea behind these FAQs is to concentrate fairly detailed explanations about a topic into a single web page and provide a printable document for that information.
Our site has a great deal of information you may be interested in than just what is presented in the FAQs.  We provide links to this other information from our  Knowledge page.  Please visit the Knowledge page so see what else may be of interest to you.
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About the Club FAQs

  PDF What the club has to offer the Tournament player
  PDF Parent's questions about How to get their child started in chess
  PDF Monthly Tournament Detailed Questions

After your first club event

New Link Donating books and equipment

Tournament FAQs


Club Rules  

New PDF   Brochure - Essential Information for MCC Players
New PDF   Brochure - Common Tournament Rules to Know
  PDF   The complete set of the clubs tournament related Policies and Procedures (rules).


    Link How to Program the Chronos Clock (see Digital Clocks link in Knowledge area for other Clocks)

Chess on the Internet

    Link Playing Chess on the Internet
    Link Chess Newsgroups

Chess Software

  PDF   ChessBase 8 Tips


    Link Frequently asked questions about FIDE Rated events


    Link Portable Game Notation - PGN
    Link Winboard - PGN Player/editor & Chess Server and Engine Interface

Learning the Game

  PDF   FAQ - Learning the Game with Limited Time  Or  Selecting just a few books to improve your play

Tournament Play

  PDF   Byes and Pairings
  PDF   How to Read a Crosstable
  PDF   How to Read a Pairing Chart
  PDF   How to Read a Wall Chart