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Organizations: International, National, Local, and Mail/E-Mail

"#A1.1"[1] Federation Internationale des Echecs (FIDE)
"#A1.2"[2] The United States Chess Federation (USCF)
"#A1.3"[3] Chess Federation of Canada (CFC)
"#A1.4"[4] American Chess Foundation (ACF)
"#A1.5"[5] State and Local Organizations (USA)
"#A1.6"[6] Correspondence Organizations
"#A1.7"[7] Bulletin Board Systems (BBS's) and Web Sites (WWW)

Ratings and Titles

"#A1.8"[8] Ratings (with FIDE list)
"#A1.9"[9] How USCF Ratings are Calculated(USCF)
"#A1.10"[10] How USCF Lifetime Titles are Earned(CFC)


"#A1.11"[11] Tournaments
"#A1.12"[12] The Swiss Tournament Pairing System
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"#A1.13"[13] I'm a Novice/Intermediate. How Do I Improve?
"#A1.14"[14] Recommended Openings (and Books) for Novice to Intermediate


"#A1.15"[15] Publications
"#A1.16"[16] Where to Get Books and Equipment

Publicly available playing, e-mail lists, or material

"#A1.17"[17] E-Mail Games, ICS, Mailing Lists, Gopher, Usenet Reader
"#A1.18"[18] Material Available via Anonymous FTP
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Commercially available playing or material

"#A1.19"[19] Chess-Playing Computers
"#A1.20"[20] Chess-Playing Software
"#A1.21"[21] Database Software
"#A1.22"[22] Utility Software
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  "#A1.23"[23] Using Graphic Chess Symbols in Printed Text
"#A1.24"[24] Trivia
"#A1.25"[25] Common Acronyms
"#A1.26"[26] Rules
"#A1.27"[27] Variants
"#A1.28"[28] Disclaimer and Copyright Notice


  Subject: FAQ [1/4]
Date: 27 Mar 1998 13:29:07 GMT
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Last-Modified: 1997/2/17
Archive-Name: games/chess/part1

Chess FAQ FAQ part 1/4

Revised 2/17/97
Chess Info from
by Stephen Pribut("")


Welcome to "The rgcm FAQ", a compilation of information about chess and the internet. This FAQ is posted in 4 parts, bimonthly, to the newgroup Part 1 is about Organizations, Ratings Titles, Tournaments, Self-Improvement, and Supplies. Part 2 is about Mailing Lists, freely available Services and Material, Chess-playing Hardware, Software, and Utilities, and a Miscellaneous section. Part 3 is about how to improve and chess related supplies including computers, software, etc.  Part 4 contains miscellaneous material. In the www version this is currently presented in one file, but may soon change.

The primary FAQ is maintained in an html format. This FAQ is a translation from html to text.

The USENET group is now a hierarchy of 5 groups:

This FAQ contains an overview of all areas of chess. FAQ's specific to each of the above areas will be posted. The FAQ will also contain information on tht history of computers in chess and sketches of some of the individuals currently active in this field.

If you are new to the newsgroup, you might want to read this FAQ before posting questions to the newsgroup.

This twice-monthly posting is intended to address some of the frequently asked questions (FAQ's) on the news group. Because the answers may not be complete, please feel free to ask questions. This is only intended to address first-level concerns, and not to stifle discussions (discussions are never stifled on

How to get the FAQ:

This document is posted twice monthly to the Usenet newgroups, rec.answers, and news.answers. Other ways to obtain the faq are WWW (world wide web)

or via several choices of format at my website: "" Steve Pribut's Chess Page

Anonymous ftp

ftp to ( and get the files


E-mail(for those without ftp access)

send email to:


the body of the message should read: send usenet/news.answers/games/chess/part1

Parts 2,3 and 4 can be obtained the same way as part 1.

What's New:

A section on "I'm really good, how do I get better" is evolving. An upcoming section will soon be added for what to do for new arrivals. Right now, go check out a free Chess Program, Rebel Decade, by Ed Schroder, programmer of Rebel 8, current top rated PC Chess Software program. He has made this available to celebrate 10 years of chess programming. His location is listed under websites.

"Maurice Ashley teaches chess" has been added under the section on how to improve.  Chess Mentor, an excellent educational package, has been added to the section on how to improve.