Monthly Tournaments


Monthly Tournaments (Tuesday Nights)

  Our regular monthly tournaments is one of the core activities of the club and has the greatest number of people participating.
  Our greatest need for assistance is on the first night of a new event when we generally have an onslaught of people registering.  When we have the ideal number of volunteers, we manage to process an average of 60 people in under a half an hour.  This is actually a fairly remarkable thing that we often manage to achieve.  The difficulty arises when we don't have enough people on hand.  The table below outlines the number of people we need during the multiple nights of the Monthly event and the tasks we need performed.
  If you feel you can assist us in any of these rolls, even occasionally, we would appreciate your help.  Remember, those doing these tasks now are doing them on behalf of the club and you in particular.  Please participate in making the club better as others are doing for you now.
Role When Min. # Description of Duties

Chief TD

Cover Event

1 Responsible for the Event.  Must be a qualified TD.

Assistant TDs

Cover Event

1 Responsible to cover for the Chief TD.  Must stay until the Chief TD's game is complete to arbitrate the Chief TD's game if necessary.


1st round

2 Show up early for round 1.
Collect entry, club and USCF fees and fill out pairing cards for each player.


1st round

1 Enter pairing cards into the correct sections.


1st round
very important

1 Looks for new people showing up at the club and answers questions about the club and the event. 

This person serves as the first impression for the club and tries to make the people feel welcome.  Explains membership in the USCF and the Club and tries to get them to stick around and check us out if not ready to sign up.  If overloaded, will call on a coach for help on introducing "newbies" to what's going on or what to do next.


On call for any round.

2 The role of coach does not require a high rating, only the knowledge of how things work in the club's environment.  The coach serves as the first new friend to "newbies".   Explains as necessary, notation, clocks, touch rules, etc.  Explains the benefit of the Group Lesson, about asking opponent to go over game, going over own games, etc.  If time permits, plays a game or gives practical playing tips if it appears needed.

Check in on the person during and after their game and greets them the next week when they see them.

This role will most likely require that you skip the Group lesson that night if you are needed to help someone new to rated play.


All rounds

1 Stack extra chairs in the main room so that players can move around in the main room. 

Set up skittles room.  Pick up after the Study group if necessary. 

Set up third room if necessary.

If early attendees did this of their own accord, no people need be assigned to this task.


All rounds


Pick up all trash left behind.  Make all rooms look neat and tidy. 

If the last people present, usually playing skittles at the end of the night took upon themselves this role, no people would have to stay to the end to help.