Game Archive Volunteer



The Game Archive Program is an effort to capture the games being played at the MCC for a number of uses.  Some of these uses are:
  • Historical archiving for posterity.  This is especially important for games among Masters and Experts.  The MCC regularly contributes games that qualify to the "New England Masters Game Archive Program" whose purpose it to create and preserve a permanent record of the careers of our New England Masters.  This Archive is periodically published to the Massachusetts Chess Association's (Maca's) web site and is available for download there.
  • To provide material for the Game Advice Program.  The Experts involved with that program are seeking out questions from players about their games and look through the games in the Game Archive for games that would serve as good examples for analysis.
  • To provide material for the Experts involved with the Weekly Group Class program to look through for themes or positions they think may be of value to discuss in class.
  • To give you, the member a chance to see what others are playing and what is happening in the games around you at the club.

Ways to Assist

Setting up the DGT electronic boards

    Setting up the boards - The task is not difficult just time consuming.  When we have multiple people available to assist the task becomes easier and quicker freeing up the volunteers to socialize and relax before the round begins.
Putting away the boards - The players on these boards tend to be the last to finish so the biggest attribute in being able to help is to be present at the end of the night.  Pieces can be collected quietly before the last games are done and this helps whomever is doing the final put-away save a lot of time.

Operating the PC for the DGT electronic boards

Setting up the PC prior to the first round is essential and we need more people who are prepared to do this as our pool of people at the ready is small and thus we don't always have someone present for every round.