Content Contributor



You may find that one of the easiest and most satisfying ways to help the club is by sharing the knowledge or expertise that you already posses.

Ways to Assist


    As you come across Chess related books and products, simply jot down your impressions or take the time to put together a more formal review them.  Put it into your own perspective and context.  A review can be very brief or as extensive as you wish to make it.  We already have a few reviews for Books, Videos and Software.  We can certainly use more to round out our collection.


Sometimes you may come across a topic that you  think may be of interest to the chess community.  It may be a funny story or perhaps an analysis of a situation or circumstances.  If you write an extensive review it might be better classified as an "article".  There are different places that your article can be distributed to.   First of course is the club web site so that you can enrich the club's environment and contribute to its sense of community.   Many times, articles are submitted to the Massachusetts Chess Association (MACA) publication called "Chess Horizons"  They are always searching for content and are very thankful for contributions submitted.  The club will generally receive free advertising space when enough articles are submitted on behalf / from the club or our club members.   If you enjoy your association with our club then please consider submitting your article "as a member of the MCC" so that your efforts will help reward the club.

Instructional Information

Contributing text that helps explain things that may be of use to the membership is another easy way to contribute to the club.  For example, if you just bought one of the latest and greatest digital clocks and took the time to figure out how to get the most ot of it, or just plain use it, share your knowledge by helping explain it.