Group Class Volunteer



The MCC Weekly Group Lesson is a free member-only benefit of structured and facilitated instruction on Tuesday evenings before each round of the MCC Monthly Tournament. Generally, an MCC Expert facilitates each group lesson. The format of each lesson is usually a review of strategic and tactical themes from past games of Masters and Grandmasters from around the world.  
Even if you are not an Expert player, there are several ways that you can still assist the club in helping to keep this program a success.

Ways to Assist


General Assistance

    Anybody can help this program by simply providing ad-hoc assistance as needed.  There are two tasks that need to be done almost every week and would be of great help.
  • Arranging the tables and chairs before the class begins so that others can simply join in the class as they arrive
  • Arranging the tables AFTER the class so that when people move into the room after their games, they don't have to set up or move around tables and chairs creating a distraction to those already in the room and more importantly to those still playing their rated games.  Hopefully the Facilitator will remember to ask the class to arrange it at the end of class each week.  In case he/she doesn't, please take it upon yourself to help out.

Presenting analysis created by Expert contributors

    On those occasions when there is no Expert player available to facilitate the class, we seek out individuals who feel comfortable in walking through material expressly created for presentations by others.  If you feel comfortable leading a group discussion with prepared material we have on hand, you can be a valuable asset to this program.  While we will try to anticipate when you will be needed, it is most likely that we will seek you out on short notice to step in and "read and lead"

Analysis behind the scenes

    If you are an Expert level player of above, there is the continual need for game analysis.  You do not necessarily have to present the material.  There are two types of analysis that you can provide to help out the program
  • Analysis suitible for someone of Expert strength to present
  • Analysis prepared expressly for a non-Expert to present.
    This second type, for non-Experts to present, might be done several ways.  For example, the annotation may done in such a way as to present questions at certain positions with the intent that the class will analyze the position to formulate their answers and then the facilitator will review the Answer provided by you covering the most likely responses you had expected to receive.  Another approach would be to have a very verbose explanation at various points along the way that perhaps tells the story of what you or the players were likely thinking about in an attempt to let the class peer into the minds of the players to share their experience.

Expert player Presenters

    As an Expert level player, in this role you would be expected to primarily prepare some analysis of your own or other published analysis with the occasional fall back on presenting some done by our other Experts who have prepared material behind the scenes.  Using the behind the scenes prepared material is a safety measure for those occasions when you committed to present but just couldn't manage to prepare your own material in time.