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Board of Directors

Email Name

Mark Kaprielian President MKaprielian
Harvey Reed Clerk HReed
John Bottini Treasurer
Ken Ballou At Large
Mike Barry At large
Steve Eddins At Large
Jim Krycka At Large
Matt Phelps At Large

Monthly Tournaments

Mark Kaprielian Program Director Monthly
---needed--- New Member Information
---needed--- New Member Mentor
---needed--- Commentary Writer

Weekly Group Lesson

Plamen Krastev Program Director

News Letter

Harvey Reed Program Director News_Staff
Feature Writer

Game Archive

Harvey Reed Program Director GameArchive
--- volunteer needed --- Game Entry
--- volunteer needed --- Game Entry


Harvey Reed Program Director

Chess School

Mark La Rocca Program Director
Ilya Krasik Advisor

Tournament Directors (TDs)

Jane Angermeier Club level TD_List
Ken Ballou National level TD_List
John Bottini Club level TD_List
Greg Cermak Volunteer
Neil Cousin Club level TD_List
Steve Eddins Club level TD_List
Eric Fauman Club level TD_List
Mark Kaprielian Local level TD_List
Matt Phelps Local level


Tom Lawrence Club level TD_List

Web Team

Mark Kaprielian Web Master, Photographer WebMaster
Matt Phelps Assistant Web Master WebMaster
Harvey Reed Assistant Web Master WebMaster
Ken Ballou Assistant Web Master WebMaster
Fred Harvey Copy Editor