The club is run as a volunteer organization with no paid positions.   It is the responsibility of the club members to support and assist in the running of the club.  While the membership does elect a board of directors to guide the policies of the organization, the board of directors must rely upon the membership to carry out the week to week tasks necessary for the club to function.  
This page describes the various ways the club needs it's members assistance for very clear and specific tasks.  If you are able to assist in any of these roles, please volunteer your service for at least one event during the year and as many as you feel comfortable with. 
Currently, most of these tasks are being performed by a very few individuals.  The club is at great risk in placing such a heavy dependency on so few people.  If the right combination of people don't happen to show on a particular night, there may be 50 or so people who show up only to find there is no TD to run the event or anyone to unlock the door.  If you want the club to survive, you need to help however you can.
Many of the tasks are fairly simple and can easily be done if you are planning on being at the event.
Two roles, that of setting up and of picking up could actually be eliminated if those in attendance took it upon themselves to help out.   Instead of just walking in and playing at the start of the night or just walking out at the end of the night, a few minutes of help by a few people could go a long way.   Please take responsibility for your club.
We will train you for what ever role you will volunteer for.

Ways in which you can help the club

  Contributing "Content" or Knowledge such as  Reviews, Articles, How to ...., etc.
  Helping with the Game Archive program
  Assisting the Weekly Group Lesson
  Small and Large things you could do help with the Monthly Tournament
  Becoming a certified Tournament Director (TD) one of the most important roles in the club

Active Volunteers

  To see who the current club officers and volunteers are, please visit our Volunteer Listing page.  You may notice we have several people filling several roles so more help is welcome