About the Club

How to Join
  Please visit our Membership page for how to sign up and get started  
A quick overview of the club
  Meets:   Tuesday Nights only No weekends, no other nights.  Tuesday Nights only
  Time:   6:30 pm - 12:00 midnight
  Games:   1 Game per night  
  How long may the game last?   4 hours Each player has a total of 2 hours allocated to them.
  Requirements:   USCF rated Swiss System event You must be a member of the USCF.  You can join at the club.
  Time Control:   40/90; SD/30; d5  This means each player gets 90 minutes to make 40 moves, then an additional 30 minutes for the rest of the game, there is a delay of 5 seconds through both time controls
  Who Plays Who:   Matched by rating, Adults & Kids mixed We provide "sections" which are groups divided by rating so that you play among those with a similar rating (playing strength).
  Casual Games?   Rarely We are tournament rated oriented so very rarely do people show up to play casual games
  Instruction:   Occasional class instruction Scheduled only a few weeks in advance.  Announced on our news feed on the home page.
  Learn to play at the club?   No We do not teach how to play or provide individual instruction
  Improve Play at the club?   Yes Improvement can be achieved by going over games with opponent and study at home
  Beginners Welcome?   Yes Must have firm grasp of how pieces move and fundamental ideas of how to play
  Must write moves down?   Yes  
  Kids play Kids only available?   No  
  What is the club's address?  

39 E. Central St., Natick, MA 01702

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  The links below will give you much more information about playing at the club. 
We have tried to incorporate answers to every type of question we have been asked into the information below.
  IF after reading the above and looking through the information below you still have questions you may reach us by     Info_Requests    at    MetroWestChess.org

General Questions

Link What is the central focus or core programs of the club? 
Link Who Plays at the Club?  - Our most active players list
Link How many people typically play at the club?  -  Graph of our Attendance
Link Testimonials from our players
Link What is the central focus or core programs of the club? 



About the Club FAQs

  PDF What the club has to offer the Tournament player
  PDF Parent's questions about How to get their child started in chess
  PDF Monthly Tournament Detailed Questions

After your first club event

New Link Donating books and equipment
For a complete list of our FAQs, visit our FAQ page

Getting to the specifics

Link How to Sign up to Play at the club
Link Directions to the club
Link How to get on the Club Email List
Link The History of the Club
Link How the club is Governed
Link Tour of the Club, its facilities, web site and programs

Learning more about the Club

To learn more about the club, return to our home page and explore our site.  We've organized our site along three central themes:
  • Community - looking at the club in terms of the people who participate
  • Compete - looking at the different ways in which we organize our play
  • Learn & Improve - looking at the different ways we go about increasing knowledge of the game

We hope you will choose to play at the MCC and become a part of our Chess community.