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The MCC tries to go one step beyond the typical lists of links by carefully categorizing links to make it easier to find the sites that have the Chess related content you want.
Honestly, our effort on maintaining our links has fallen to a low priority from 2000 through early 2003 due to the expansion of the club's programs and other club projects that have consumed the few doing the much.  As of April 2003 we are beginning to put together our functional specification of what we want our Links area to be.  We plan on having some very nice features not currently seen in many other places.

You may be wondering "Hey, why did the MACA site (Mass Chess Association) bring me to this MCC page ??"

The reason is that since 1998 through early 2003, the web team volunteering their time to Maca was the same web team who had been maintaining the MCC website.  The links that were on the Maca site when the MCC team came in were in very poor shape and very limited.  Since the MCC links were being actively maintained and were quite extensive at the time, the team decided to save a lot of duplicate effort and simply point the Maca site to the MCC Links.

What to do if you have a chess related link you'd like added

  If you have a chess link you think worthy of adding, please send the URL to    Webmaster    at the URL MetroWestChess  dot org

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