club_from_street.gif (72753 bytes) The view from Rt.135 before you turn into the driveway.

club_from_driveway.gif (75512 bytes)

The view as you make your way down the driveway.

club_outside_door_far_away.gif (58878 bytes)

The view from the Parking Lot, Handicap Accessible.

club_outside_door_up_close.gif (69793 bytes) As you approach the door.
club_main_hallway.gif (92130 bytes) The look down the main hallway.
club_bathrooms.gif (74663 bytes)

And yes, we have both a Men's and Lady's Room.

club_main_room_empty.gif (82354 bytes) Our main playing room.  Lot's-O-Space!!

club_skittles_room.gif (78528 bytes)

Our skittles room with only a few tables unfolded.