Video Review

Secrets of Championship Chess: Karpov's Opening Fundamentals

Recommended for players below 1500.  Karpov and "Dzindzi" attempt to explain very basic opening theory from a beginners' point of view.

Outline of the Video
The format of the tape is Karpov as white and Dzindi as black.  Karpov was playing as a more experienced player and Dzindi a less experienced player. As the moved in the opening Dzindi would make mistakes frequently made by beginners and the two would show how white capitalizes on the mistakes.


Control of the Center
2 Remainder of the tape not reported on yet.

Length if played straight through:  about 52 minutes

Summary of Review Ratings
Rating Scale values: Poor, Fair, Good, Excellent

  MK CG              
Ease of viewing/following Good                
Complex Material No                
Need to Rewind a lot to get the material No                
Likely to watch again No                
Over All Rating Fair                

Review Comments

06-29-98 Mark Kaprielian (MK)  (1701 highest rating)
I did not watch all of the tape.  As stated in the promotional text for the tape, it is certainly for players under 1500.  I would have to say that it is.   I feel that this tape would be good for those who have no idea of the principals of opening development such as controlling the center, developing your pieces, making space, etc.
07-06-98 Chris Gelinas   (CG)   (unrated)
I liked the video because although he mentions a couple of opening lines, that is not the basis of the video. He reinforces the practice of controlling the middle and give specific reasons why.

This video is great for someone like myself just beginning to venture into the complex world of chess. Probably a waste of time for people over 1300 never mind 1500. I did rewind certain parts of the tape and would probably watch
parts of it again though certainly not the whole tape.

I would have like to see the same format with white as the less experienced
player also.